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higginsdj Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

Hi, I'm new to the stop motion and Wallace and Gromit even though I have been around for a long time (I'm old). Chicken Run opened my eyes to this great artform and although I'm into CG animation, I've decided to dabble in Claymation as I love hands on modeling rather than constructing something in the ether of 3D space....

Although the DVDs have great information about the making of the movies, has any thought been given to something with more detail specifically on making clay models for animation from scratch?



PS - Whats the deal with the 'Your Creations' and Competitions? Are there rules or themes or is it just anything goes?

jordan Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

hi david

buy the book called cracking animation lots of tips in there. (make sure you buy the blue cover version) lots of people make animations & models on here including me.

the creation of the month copetion is a competion where you enter a drawing of wallace and gromit anything aniamtion related (aardman related too) or make your own characters and sets which you can also enter. Nick Park chooses the winner and 3 runners up each month. you geta certificate and prizes.

conty Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

yep thats a great book!!! really helpfull with everything that you need to know;)

higginsdj Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

Hmmm... Whats the difference between Cracking Animation and Creating 3-D Animation. Amazon lists both with the same cover design (different title), same authors, same publishing date, same number of pages?



cinders1 Posted: Feb 23rd 2008

i dont have a clue, i just had a look at the one contys got and his says cracking animation;)

jordan Posted: Feb 23rd 2008

same book, ones called Creating 3-D Animation for american purposes.

gerggnod Posted: Feb 23rd 2008

welcome mate

Matt08 Posted: Jul 11th 2008

Great to see that there's members here from other places.
This just shows how well known aardman are worldwide.
If that's not success, i'm not sure what is

Welcome to the forum, if you need any tips, just create a topic and i'm sure that one of us will be able to help you out


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