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Douglas Hart Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

will there ever be another wallace and gromit movie

cpt Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

Erm... unless I'm very much mistaken, Nick (or I should be more humble and call him Mr. Park) has just anounced there will be another half hour movie..

mazgazza Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

Called Trouble at Mill :D.... rejoice

anilover Posted: Oct 4th 2007


a new film!!

i think i read about it, the deal with sony?

Shaun_Sheep Posted: Oct 5th 2007

Please can I be in this film xx

connor gorman Posted: Oct 5th 2007

yes trouble at mill is it starting 1st on bbc1

anti-pesto Posted: Oct 5th 2007

its nice theyre bac wiv bbc. it brings back the origionalality of how they used 2 be

Jenny Posted: Oct 6th 2007

do u think that the DVD will be out straight after they show it on BBC

onslow202 Posted: Oct 10th 2007

Most exciting thing ive heard this year

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 21st 2007


jiseonkong Posted: Oct 25th 2007

connor gorman Posted: Oct 28th 2007

Am Glad Its By Christmas Time

Dr_Indigo Posted: Oct 28th 2007

I like the sound of this one. I like the name of the bread shop, "Top Bun"

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 28th 2007

Oh really? like that name here too.

Oakes Posted: Nov 30th 2008

your al wrong, the name of the film is actually a matter of loaf and death! you foolish mortals how could you not know that?

PoisonIvy Posted: Dec 5th 2008

Well actually, Oakes, the film was originally called Trouble at Mill. If you look at the dates those posts are from last year.

Oakes Posted: Dec 6th 2008

it was GOING to be called trouble at mill not is tho is it?

saralou Posted: Jan 25th 2009

hi im new here and i liked the film it was funny and sad

saralou Posted: Jan 25th 2009

soon i will be going on my holidays to my cruse so i might not be on all this long

stop motion Posted: Jul 12th 2009

liammustapha200 Posted: Jul 26th 2009

liammustapha200 Posted: Jul 26th 2009

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