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jordan Posted: Feb 28th 2008

Actress Dawn French has turned her attention to saving the planet in a series of short films for Animal Planet featuring the loveable updated Aardman Animations characters.

Animals Save The Planet is an engaging series of 10 short clay animation films, from the makers of Wallace and Gromit, that feature animals in their natural habitat, demonstrating how everyone can make a difference by changing to a greener lifestyle

These include a penguin who discovers how much effort energy-saving light bulbs can save him, a cow who learns about the environmental impact of his own methane gas and a pug dog who realises that by turning off electrical appliances in the evenings he will finally get a better night's sleep.

The short films feature narration by Dawn French who took time out from her comic exploits to answer a few questions:

Why did you want to get involved in this project?

First of all I know I don't do enough to save the planet and I know I should to try a bit harder. Secondly, Aardman are my heroes and Animal Planet is a massively popular choice in our house, especially for my daughter.

Do you have a favourite animal?

A dog I expect, boring I know, sorry to be dull about it. We have a small west highland terrier. Dolly – I didn't name her. Very fierce, definitely got small stature, chip on the shoulder.

She doesn't believe she's a dog, thinks she's human and quite likes kissing on the lips. She tries it at all time... and I can't allow it. But she likes to try it at all times. And jealous, especially if there is other kissing going on in the house, which happens a lot in our house, I'm happy to say.

Do you re-use/recycle?

I do re-use, definitely water bottles and do I that for two reasons... one to try and save a bit of plastic and two, to fool my family into thinking I've bought expensive water. We drink the very expensive water once, and for the next ten refills, I use tap water and pop it in the fridge. No-one can tell the difference.

And we recycle all plastic bags. I don't throw them into the sea to harm the jelly fish. And all cans go on one place and bottles in another place and we have a compost in our garden.

We love compost, although it's quite smelly. And here's a tip - don't put meat in the compost. I used to think that anything that would decompose could go in the compost, but in fact what I was providing was a rat café at the bottom of my garden. Meat is not good for the garden anyway and the rats were the size of panthers. It was a mistake. It was wrong.

Which of the characters is your favourite?

It's a big toss up between the farting cow, which is funny just because it's farting and also because of the reaction of the sheep. Close second or even equal first is the hippo having a shower. I liked the rubbing of the bum area, it looked quite satisfying and I liked the nostrils. It's all good.

You should also ask me if I've learnt anything today.

Have you learnt anything today?

I have, I've learnt green house gases come off things that are on stand by. I didn't know that! I might have to address that in my own home

purple and brown Posted: Feb 28th 2008


purple and brown Posted: Feb 29th 2008

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 29th 2008

Coolio! Thanks Jordan

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