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666joshy666 Posted: Jun 7th 2008

Yes, Honey is Shadow and Gromit's friend!:D

666joshy666 Posted: Jun 7th 2008

Oh, and Harry, do you know a website which sells brick paper?

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 7th 2008

Heya, Joshy! :D

Chocachoc Posted: Jun 7th 2008

wow! the plot sounds amazing! I can just imagine it happening! Why did shadow suddenly burst through a fence? Thats what confuses me, otherwise it sounds fantastic! I cant wait to see it!


666joshy666 Posted: Jun 7th 2008

Well, she has just moved in next door and she curiously bashes it down! You'll start to under stand her character as I tell you more of the episodes! Oh, and, thanks!

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 7th 2008

Cool. ;)

666joshy666 Posted: Jun 8th 2008

Harry, you there?

Harry Posted: Jun 8th 2008

Im here alrighty! Hows it going Brother? House alright? Wallace alright?

666joshy666 Posted: Jun 8th 2008

Yeah! Do you have a link for that 'brick paper'?

Harry Posted: Jun 8th 2008

I got it from a local Train Modelling Shop, I will look on the internet.

666joshy666 Posted: Jun 8th 2008


666joshy666 Posted: Jun 8th 2008

Yeah! That's wicked!

666joshy666 Posted: Sep 2nd 2008


Does anybody know where to get the kind of resin which is used as coring in Gromit's body and head?


Harry Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

Hello Joshy, Good timing, us on the same time, I do know, Aardman use resin but, it would proberly be easier to use Plastazote. It says that in Cracking Animation.

Harry Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

Here it is Joshy, Fast Cast Resin, what the Aards use you will have to make a mould for it though.

666joshy666 Posted: Sep 3rd 2008

Thanks Harry! I remember having a picture of Gromit cut in half so you could see the armature! Do you have it because I've lost it?:D

Harry Posted: Sep 3rd 2008

When do you think you will start animating?

666joshy666 Posted: Sep 4th 2008

I don't really know! I'll get some sketches done later!:D

Nofby Posted: Sep 4th 2008

Resin is toxic. Fumes are very harmful, very irritant and you need to use proper protection. Goggles, mask, filter and gloves (non-latex, as latex will burn)

Polyurethanes like Polyesters present their own hazards and you should familiarise yourself with them before use. Approved respirators, gloves and good ventilation should be observed at all times.

It is harmful to the enviroment, toxic, irritant and corrosive (means will burn through some surfaces, including your hand!)

Ursrut Posted: Sep 4th 2008

Ouch!!!!! hmmmm sounds painful and something i personally wouldn't use, unless i really did have to.
Hope to see some sketches later 666joshy666

plasjas Posted: Sep 4th 2008

sounds good

666joshy666 Posted: Sep 5th 2008

Thanks guys! Although, I do warn you, I'm not great at drawing!

Mark the shark Posted: Sep 5th 2008

We don't mind! We wanna see! ;)

666joshy666 Posted: Sep 7th 2008

Sorry it's been so long I'll get it on tonight!

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 7th 2008

hey joshy when do you plan to have the first install ment of shaddow and gromit finished by?

666joshy666 Posted: Sep 7th 2008

I don't know yet, sorry! I'm looking into building the garden set!:D

Harry Posted: Sep 13th 2008

Anymore Progress on Shadow and Gromit? by the way what type of dog is Shadow? I think she should have a pearl necklace and a waggly tail, a Poodle like in Loaf and Death, I think your animation will be Cracking, hows the sets going on aswell, done the garden yet? have you made any sets?

666joshy666 Posted: Sep 13th 2008

Shadow is the same breed as Gromit but a different colour (chocolate brown) and with a white patch around her eye.:D

Harry Posted: Sep 13th 2008

Cool, I really cant wait, so have you made any sets?

DancingShauny99 Posted: Sep 13th 2008

Hey guys:)

plasjas Posted: Sep 14th 2008

yeah how are you getting on shadow sounds great

Nathan M Posted: Sep 14th 2008

666joshy666 Posted: Oct 6th 2008

The scaffolding is up and the drills are going! My extension has been going for about a month now! I tried animating earlier and my model just bounced all over the place! I'll have more details on the sets by early November, animating should start around February/March maybe later!

666joshy666 Posted: Oct 10th 2008

THERE'S DUST ALL OVER ALL MY MODELS!!!!!!!!!:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

jills Posted: Oct 10th 2008

Do you keep them covered in clingfilm? I've started doing that otherwise it's a mess :-|

PoisonIvy Posted: Oct 10th 2008

This sounds like it's going absolutely brill!
I can't quite see what that Matrixy picture is, Nathan... explain it?

666joshy666 Posted: Nov 2nd 2008

First draft model of Shadow is finally complete!

Coming Soon!

Harry Posted: Dec 28th 2008

Anymore progress Joshy? I love the sound of this!

crackingcheese Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

(found by wallace and gromit restorers!)Crackingcheese- TARGAS

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 3rd 2009

It's going great! I've almost finished making the first set! Building work will be over soon! (sigh of relief!) I'll have some armatures done by the end of march as well! So, all is going well!

crackingcheese Posted: Mar 3rd 2009

Great To Hear Joshy

crackingcheese Posted: Mar 4th 2009

remember to post some pics we're all very eager to see some sneakpeaks:D

cool red Posted: Mar 4th 2009


thetopbun Posted: Mar 7th 2009

Isn't Shadow SavedByBishop's character!?

crackingcheese Posted: Mar 7th 2009

No Joshy's Had This Idea For Ages

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 15th 2009

Building still not finished! (GROAN) I have some armature wire on it's way so I should have some models done by early May! Oh and my first set is very nearly done, I just have a backdrop to paint on canvas and the it'll be finished so I'll get some pics of that with the models!



Harry Posted: Apr 15th 2009

What set is it?
Are you doing the front of 62 West Wallaby Street?
I need to order some 3mm Armature wire, So I dont have to twist 1.5mm Armature wire.

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 15th 2009

The set is the garden one as I still need to find some materials on the internet however I found some stuff in Homebase!

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 15th 2009

I will do the front of the house after I have done the kitchen. My Dad said he'd help out after he's finished decorating my bedroom.

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