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666joshy666 Posted: Feb 29th 2008

Hey guys, I'm going to make a series called The Adventures Of Shadow And Gromit and this forum is for saying how its going and so you guys can give me some ideas for episodes.:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 29th 2008

So, joshy! Who's Shadow? 's U.N.C.L.E ?

as in...

D.O.G From U.N.C.L.E ????

This sounds good... :)

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

No, I don't think so. Shadow is going to be Gromit's first love interest!

gromitnhutch4ever Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

Sounds like a good idea. What sort of dog will Shadow be? Somehow I can't imagine and a poodle...

squigly Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

Shadow is a nice name but it sounds like it belongs to a boy dog. How did you decide on calling Gromit's first love interest Shadow?

How about a hairy dog like an Afghan or a Maltese? Oh, but it might be too hard to make a hairy model.

Or, how about a girl Beagle like Gromit? Maybe put a bow by her ear like Hello Kitty.

squigly Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

I tried to add a pic of Hello Kitty to my last message but you can't do it in edit. But here it is:

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 3rd 2008

Neat! Can't wait!;)

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 8th 2008

shadow is going to be a black Labrador. I'll try and draw her for you guys!

P.S. The drawing will be my first one I've posted on the site ever!

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 10th 2008

Just realised! Shadow and Gromit comes from my old friend Bernard's dogs! Shadow, Gromit and Honey! Aah those were the days! woh! was I just in a trance!!

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 10th 2008

And shadow is Paella's dog he he! Oh no! I'm giving too much detail out! I will wash your minds of everything I have said! mha ha ha haa!!! Or there is a simpler way! use the new, improved edit button (terms and conditions apply) KAPOW!!

squigly Posted: Mar 11th 2008

Joshy, is this Shadow? If so, I like her Hello Kitty-like bows. I can't believe it only took you two minutes to make. That's great!:)

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 21st 2008

Well, that was just a sorta design and a help for Rastopholus! Thanks!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 21st 2008

Hi Joshy!;)

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 24th 2008

Production Problem!

I know that this isn't as popular as frogblast! However, I'd like to inform you that the production of the series has stopped due to building work!

You see, my house, like many others, is being extended. Each and every room is bein... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Oh wow I'm so boring I even made myself go to sleep!

Basically, production won't start until about December 2009!

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 24th 2008


Name: Love at first site

Length: 5min

Charcters: Shadow, Gromit, Fluffles, Piella's brother, Mrs. Mulch & Mr. Mulch

Voices/Actors: N/A

Start of production: TBC

Amount of sets: 4-6

Harry Posted: Apr 24th 2008

Ooohhh, I just had a big Kitchen and new bedroom and extra bathroom extention! and also...

Putting yourself to sleep while people are working on your house? (what about drilling ect.)

Now you have lots of time for storyboard, sets, characters, props dont you?

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 24th 2008

Good point! Harry, have you made your paella yet?

Harry Posted: Apr 24th 2008

No, Im concentrating on some other things...

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 27th 2008

Oh, OK!

black Posted: May 4th 2008

shadow have no idea please.

Harry Posted: May 5th 2008

Do you know the story of Shadow and Gromit?

Will Wallace be in it?...

666joshy666 Posted: May 5th 2008

Wallace may make 1 or 2 appearances! However, it will mainly be about the adventures Shadow and Gromit have!:D

Harry Posted: May 5th 2008

How is your Wallace model going?

666joshy666 Posted: May 5th 2008

It's going nicely! I will make the other shoe and then post a picture!:D

Harry Posted: May 5th 2008

Are you making the shoe now?

666joshy666 Posted: May 5th 2008

In a sec. I've got to cut my Dad's birthday cake and give him his presents!;)

666joshy666 Posted: May 6th 2008

Here is a vague story line!:D

Harry Posted: May 6th 2008

Its showing lots of random things like @@£$%£^... Please can you copy and paste it to here?

Mark the shark Posted: May 6th 2008

That's a shame, joshy! Damn! Oh well, I hope your extension gets done quickly so we can see your stuff! ;)

666joshy666 Posted: May 6th 2008

The Adventures Of Shadow And Gromit

Episode 1: First impressions

Starts off with starting video (will be made later in production).

Gromit wakes up to the sound of an alarm clock.

(New shot)

He brushes his teeth and wash’s his face.

(New shot)

Gromit sits at the table and he eats his toast with radio playing reading the paper.

(New shot)

The Post comes. Gromit picks post up when he hears a bang outside and drops it.

(New shot)

He follows the noise until he figures its outside.

(New shot)

He hears the bang again and then again. It gets louder and louder.

(New shot)

A fence-board suddenly breaks open.

(New shot)

Shadow comes out with a light shining on her and angels sing.

(New shot)

(Amazed / stunned) Close up on Gromit’s face.

666joshy666 Posted: May 6th 2008

There you go!:D

PoisonIvy Posted: May 6th 2008

Um... yeah! Good. Probably better than Creating Thingummy. I'm thinking of making one too. See 'A Hallow'een Problem.'

Fish Posted: May 6th 2008

I like your plot line so far, Joshy! :D Gromit deserves a "love interest"! 8)

666joshy666 Posted: May 7th 2008

I totally agree, Fish!:D

Harry Posted: May 7th 2008

Joshy, Good Plot, I was smiling while reading it as its the only thing that in my head I can actually imagine Gromit doing. Great thinking.

666joshy666 Posted: May 7th 2008

Thanks! I looked through all the films to see how Gromit acts! Go on my new discussion!

Mark the shark Posted: May 7th 2008

Cool! ;)

Harry Posted: May 7th 2008

Ok. I am on the old main computer so I cant watch the videos though.

666joshy666 Posted: May 7th 2008

Oh, OK! MTS, have you had a look?:D

666joshy666 Posted: May 9th 2008

Shadow & Gromit + Cracking Contaptions link up!

Dear all,

I would like to inform you of a recent idea of mine

Basically, in episodes, I am going to add a couple of wacky inventions which get S & G into adventures!

(I.E. the Auto-Mower)

P.S. I will try and post some drawings of them!:D

Mark the shark Posted: May 9th 2008

Yep. Great. ;)

666joshy666 Posted: May 14th 2008


I've only just realized (how stupid of me) that I don't need to make a script! (no, really, how stupid of me!):D

666joshy666 Posted: May 14th 2008

Set Building!

This is definitely going to be the hardest part of the series! (apart from the animating, of course!) There are about 5 different sets to be made so I'm going to have a lot of work! I have finally chosen to start my prop list and soon I will attempt story boarding for first impressions!

yours sincerely,


Harry Posted: May 17th 2008

Sets are really fun to make if you were talking to me. Go to a local DIY shop with lots of wood and ask them to cut out the sizes of wood you want. I did that and went back 10 mins later and it was done. I also made mine so it could be portable with these joints. All you have to do is attach one or 2 to the wood and then the other half to the other peice of wood and then screw them together and its all in 1 peice, then screw them out and its back portable. That may sound weird!

I think a really good place to go to is a Model Train Shop and im lucky because I have one down my street. From there you can buy Grass, Fake Snow, Sometimes Hedges, Road, Path, Allsorts. You can even buy Wallace and Gromit Airfix!

Ohh and also I got from the Model Train Shop some brick paper for houses, I think my set will be finished in quite a while but I will take my time!


666joshy666 Posted: May 21st 2008

WOW! You seem to know a lot! Thanks for the help!

666joshy666 Posted: Jun 6th 2008

Hello all!

Just here to ask what camera I should use?

I usually use a mini-dv camera but I have come to realise that the picture quality was not exactly great!

Then, I thought, "what about digital SLR?"

If anyone knows what camera I should use then PLEASE comment!

yours sincerely,


Mark the shark Posted: Jun 6th 2008

Loved the chapter, bro! ;)

666joshy666 Posted: Jun 6th 2008

Thanks! I went to see my friend Bernard and his dogs (Shadow, Gromit and Honey) in May half-term!:D He lives in France and he has a house which we stayed in! SMASHIN' PLACE!

Harry Posted: Jun 6th 2008

Shadow and Gromit, is honey one of Shadow and Gromits pals? Oooh I cant wait, hows the house coming up by the way? Got your clay bricks for the Builders!

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 7th 2008

Heya! ;)

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