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666joshy666 Posted: Feb 9th 2010

Not got anything done recently. Busy revising for module 3. I am going down to Wickes (English hardware store) To get some sheets of 5-ply to start on some sets. I also need to order some lights of Maplin (English electronics store) which I can peg coloured sheets to to give the effect of different times of day.

Clay Play Posted: Feb 10th 2010

good on you i really cant be bothered makeing animations YET becaause i am saviny to go to glascow to see cracking ideas exibit

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 13th 2010


kldceltic Posted: Feb 13th 2010

he means he is saving to go to the exhibiton in glasgow:D:);) i might be going

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 13th 2010

Aha! Thanks KLDC

concon Posted: Feb 13th 2010

Ive booked tickets to go.

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 21st 2010


Recently, I have had to re think the story of the first episode and I think I have cracked it! I will have it up by about next week. No sets, no animatics, no story boarding, just a story line. First episode should take a year to film, edit, build, write etc. It should be done some time in April/May 2011

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 21st 2010

I am planning on buying some ball & socket armatures soon as well. I am probably going to get them from the same company as Aardman do. However, I am probably going to only have one replacement. In the comment above, I meant it will probably take a year to just film.

concon Posted: Feb 21st 2010

Good luck! :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 22nd 2010

yer good luck,will you get an armverse?
i cant wait!

plasjas Posted: Feb 22nd 2010

Anyone going to Download festival 2010??

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 22nd 2010

My mum and brother are; they are big fans of AC/DC! Sorry to sound pushy but try to keep on topic. ;):D

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 22nd 2010

Just finished the story to episode 1! Major changes but I am not going to post it up on here to keep it a suprise. WAY ahead of schedule! I need to buy some story board sheets from my art shop and then I can get started on that. I am also going to start on the notes of shots which I have to do I.E. when the shot changes etc. I am also awaiting reply from Armaverse about their dog armatures. I need to buy about 4!

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

make sure you take lots of behind the scenes pics!!

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

Got it!

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 24th 2010


plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

no problem, i just remebred that becasue the glasgow thing, and i remeberd the download :)

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 24th 2010

Cheers! Not started story-boarding yet. I will have to start it on the 21st!:-(

wghtmf Posted: Feb 24th 2010

Is it ready yet?

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 24th 2010

What, episode 1? No, sorry! Won't be ready until May 2011 (Rough estimate). Has anyone got any pictures of rooms in Wallace & Gromit's house? Cheers

wghtmf Posted: Mar 6th 2010

Ursrut Posted: Mar 10th 2010

Joshy Happy Birthday for Monday.
Hope you had a grand day!

Sorry i missed it!

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 11th 2010

Thanks Ursrut! No hard feelings. :D

666joshy666 Posted: Jul 15th 2010

Hi everybody! Long time no chat! Just to tell you that production has slowed to a halt; I've had no spare time! Thanks,


666joshy666 Posted: Dec 28th 2010

Still no progress; GCSE's are getting in the way at the moment and doing 14 isn't helping :-( Trying to get a little story writing time in but I really cannot find the time. Ah well. :D

Ursrut Posted: Dec 28th 2010

14! wow Joshy! What are you doing out of interest?
Good to see you still about :)

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 28th 2010

My choices were

Separate Sciences (Triple science)
Astronomy (Extra curricular)
Drama and everything else I am not really sure. Just the normal stuff.

666joshy666 Posted: Jul 15th 2012

And now I have finished all of them...

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 15th 2012

Are you still working on this project?

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 18th 2012

hey 666joshy666 did you ever finish the film????

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 21st 2012

I hope to begin work on this very soon. Before, I was a lot more talk than game; I lacked the determination and maturity to apply myslef to such a huge project, but now, I have had a change of heart. I now feel as if this is a completable task and that, with a whole lot of effort and work, that it could possibly become something pretty great. Having a long break gave a lot of time to think. I struggled to find another creative outlet of which I could excerpt my emotion, but alas, all other plans failed. Until 2 weeks ago, I hadn't touched a piece of plasticine in 2 years. I was stuck in rut, I felt as if my mind had lost all creative ability. Then I rememberred this site and it just hit me. Sorry for the inspirational yammering but coming back to the site and starting sculpture again has reinvigorated my mind in such a strange way. Anyways, as soon as I can get a little free time, I will review all the progress I have made since I started and see what direction TAOSAG will move in from their.

Have a very merry christmas, a happy new year and of course best wishes to all the lovely members & staff who make this such a great site!


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