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Ben Douglas-Almond Posted: Mar 3rd 2008

Has anyone got the Game:

Wallace & gromit in Project Zoo.

It's fantastic!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 3rd 2008

Me! It's excellent!!!:D

Ben Douglas-Almond Posted: Mar 5th 2008

Have you got to the final level?
I have!!!!!!!!!


curt t1 Posted: Mar 8th 2008

i hav got to the final level! i couldent beat it though. its a brill game!

kieran Posted: Mar 16th 2008

ive completed the game but not 100% its impossible.

Evo89 Posted: Mar 25th 2008

Yeah I find the game really hard but it's brilliant though!:D

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

It's soooo good!":D

jodyblue1 Posted: May 12th 2008

Completed it 20 times

Gromits Brother Posted: May 21st 2008

I made it to the last level but couldn't beat it.
it's a really good game.

crazy-monkey-dude Posted: Aug 8th 2008

how do you do the mine level when wallace has just invented the springy boots and uve got to defeat the big miner thing??

please reply!

crackingcheese Posted: Aug 11th 2008

i'm at the lava level just after the gyrocopter

holly1208 Posted: Aug 14th 2008

I love &project zoo!I got stuck in the cole mines

619 Posted: Dec 5th 2008

Oy crazy monkey dude when it stops use that jump slam move;)

Brand Posted: Dec 24th 2008

ive got the game it brill its one of the first games i got for ps2 the last level is very hard though :D

Benji13 Posted: Jul 30th 2009

ive got the game and compleated it the day i got it!! good luck to all that havent quite compleated it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

hope you all finish:D

Scott the Salamander Posted: Sep 15th 2009

Hi there... new to the board Just bought this game for my boys.... 'we' (:wink:) are stuck on making the porridge gun..... we have 7 spanners...but Wallace is not making the gun. i read somewhere that you only needed 7 spanners in order to make the gun..but I think I need 10 ??... some help please here... it's driving me nuts ! ... Thanks so much for your help guys :D

gromitnator2000 Posted: Oct 27th 2009

Anyone know where I might be able to buy it? because I cant find it in EB-GAMES and they are all about old and used games (I would need GameCube version) thnx in advance!

Vidpal Posted: Nov 1st 2009

i thought it was boring

dog51 Posted: Mar 6th 2010

mining level

Raw Carrot Posted: Apr 12th 2010

It's a great game an' all but my version of it crashed so now I can't save the animals!
I was only onto level 2!

I might play on it today actually!

WandGFanGal Posted: Nov 18th 2010

I have the game. :)

And let me just say, wow... This game brings back so many wonderful memories. I've been playing it since I was about seven or eight years old on my Nintendo Gamecube-- And I'm thirteen years old now! About five to six years of fantastic playing fun with this awesome-riffic game!

The Aardman Company have truly proved themselves worthy of creating such a magnificent video game which is nearly ten years old now and still never gets old. I've played and beaten it over and over again-- I just love it to pieces! And so do all my friends! We play it so much with each other that we wish it had a multiplayer mode!

But it gets even better! Aardman's terrific design of claymation actually brings itself to life in the Wallace and Gromit series. From a Grand Day out to A World of Invention, the series itself really portrays a breathtaking, texture-filled world of wonder, that have not only been seen on T.V., but have been put into video games, such as this one, as well!

I'd have to say that, overall, this is my very absolute favorite Wallace and Gromit game. I've played it for so long, every single day of my thirteen-year-old life, and I never get tired of it. Wallace and Gromit, I love you so much!

If anyone from the Aardman company is reading this, please do make another Wallace and Gromit game/show/movie/trailer! Me and my friends and also a whole bunch of people throughout the whole world would love nothing more than for you guys to do that for us.

Please don't let the series die!

hutch64 Posted: Mar 15th 2011

This game was amazing and challenging. Could use a sequel. ;)

puppylove Posted: Sep 6th 2011

man i played that game when i was 9(6years ago)i took 3 years to beet that thing,it was really hard to me and i was so angry that it was so hard that i traded it for another game and i regret it every day because i wanna play it again:-(i really wish i hadnt traded that game:'(

puppylove Posted: Sep 6th 2011

the wallace and gromit are alway challenging,fun,hard,long and satisfieng.I WANT THE AARDMAN TEAM TO MAKE ANOTHER!!

puppylove Posted: Sep 6th 2011

and jodyblue1 i dout that you won that game 20 time, your a lier

the mag Posted: Oct 18th 2011

i am stuck on the level in the warehouse with the zoo keepers. gromit has to sneak past them in a dog food box

puppylove Posted: Nov 1st 2011

i remember that level, you have to try to pass them in the box but dont get to close,dont let the light hit you and dont let then see you moving;)

a cup of tee Posted: Mar 11th 2013

i was going to get it because a ps2 was on offer but someone bought the ps2 before i could get to it

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