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jordan Posted: Apr 21st 2008

aw thanks people (not, to The Farmers Land rover) and thanks katie for removing it, by the way why cant you edit pictures after youve posted them?

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 21st 2008

cinders1 Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

who me or katie? im no relation of jordan i promise you, in fact conty is the only member i know;)

jordan Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

how hard can it be to copy my name and still get it wrong lol

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

I am sorry then can we be friends Jordon sorry mate no hard fellings aye

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

Bye the way what where you meaning by not the farmers land rover I now I did somthing bad but I am saying sorry

squigly Posted: Apr 24th 2008

TFLR, he was thanking everyone for their support. So, why would he thank someone who just posted a message to remove him as a member? That's what he meant by "not the farmers land rover" - he wasn't including you in his thanks because your post was not that of support.

By the way, Jordan has been trying to tell you that you keep spelling his name wrong but I guess you haven't caught on to that too.

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 24th 2008

Look I am apolagisingand I am really sorry Jordan so please forgive me its just that when somthing i dont agree with happens i hate it and getr really mad

Fanboi Posted: Jun 27th 2008

What web site is it on?

kieran Posted: Jun 27th 2008

yes but why is it on the internet if it will spoil the film.

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