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jordan Posted: Mar 4th 2008

A Matter of Loaf and Death (formerly Trouble At’ Mill),

AWW i liked Trouble At' Mill as a title , A Matter of Loaf and Death is abit of a mouthfull especially when its

Wallace & Gromit In
A Matter of Loaf and Death

Wallace & Gromit In
Trouble At Mill

or is aardman pulling our legs with the title ;)

cavor Posted: Mar 4th 2008

The title change could be for marketing reasons outside of the UK might not get the first title, they've got to look for global apeal :D

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 4th 2008


Seb Moderator Posted: Mar 4th 2008

The title 'The Curse of the Were-rabbit' changed backwards and forwards many times during production and they explored many others including 'The Great Vegetable Plot'.

Therefore we won't know what it's really going to be called up until the last minute probably!

jordan Posted: Mar 5th 2008

i did know that ;)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Seb Moderator Posted: Mar 5th 2008

I'm sure you did - but not everyone will so I was just pointing it out.

Josephine Posted: Mar 6th 2008

Thanks, Seb! The title, "Curse of The Wererabbit", has a touch of the Two Ronnies about it, as in the late, great Spike Milligan when he wrote their classic comedy sketch "The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Olde London Town".

"A Matter of Loaf and Death" is a great title in the British/Irish classic comedy tradition. It sums everything up about what we know of the latest W&G so far. My sister took a fit of giggling when I told her that would PROBABLY be the name of the latest film - she got it straight away and no messing.

If the latest film was set in a cotton spinning factory, "Trouble At 'Mill" would be more appropriate. If I am not mistaken the expression "trouble at 'mill" aludes more to the old cotton industry - and the people who were working in it, like my great-grandma - than anything to do with bread or baking.The expression is more Elizabeth Gaskell than Nick Park, in my view.

But keep us guessing, you Almighty Aards!!!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 7th 2008

I knew it was once called "The Great Vegetable Plot"!;)

Michael2008 Posted: Apr 2nd 2008

yer i knew about curse of the were-rabbit before it came out as the info woz realised in the world of wallace and gromit book

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

Cool! I knew about it because in Project Zoo it said, "With a feature film coming soon" in a special video. :D

Jumping Jack Flash Posted: Apr 7th 2008

I prefer the title "Trouble At Mill" even as a german.
Perhaps the reason is the musicgroup with the same name.
It was also mentioned here in the forum.

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Apr 7th 2008

trouble at mill is the better title thats what im going to call it anyway

Jumping Jack Flash Posted: Apr 13th 2008

"A Matter of Loaf and Death" is surely a play with words and pronunciation. The similarity between loaf and love. Where Wallace will be in love again.
And I like the way british people are playing with words.
In Germany we are doing it also, but it seems that the british people invented it...

squigly Posted: Apr 13th 2008

Love? I hadn't thought of that. Makes sense, with Piella as a love interest. I was thinking it was a play on the word Life. lol:)

cool chris Posted: Apr 15th 2008

it is

Seb Moderator Posted: Apr 17th 2008

Originally it is a play on 'Life' yes, but you've found something very interesting there!

squigly Posted: Apr 18th 2008

Wallace has to choose between his love for Piella or dying?

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