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Production Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 7th 2008

Hello, sorry it has been so long since my blog. I seem to catch a different illness every week at the moment!!!! Thank you all for "get well" notes on the blog when I had the dreaded pox!!!!

Well I 'm back now and fighting fit. Today is the first day in ages I haven't had a backlog of work so I'd thought I'd up date you all on what's going on here in Bristol.

We've currently completed 19 shots (almost a minute!!!!) from the opening 3 scenes of the movie.

Lots of new sets arrive each week, one is so big it touches the roof of the studio and it's an internal set!!!!!!!!!!!! Your all going to be blown away when you get to see this stuff!

Over half the story boards and voice records are complete and we ramp up to full crew as of the 24th March.

I'll a chat with the powers that be and see if I can up load any pics to wet your appetites!!

All the best


jordan Posted: Mar 7th 2008

oh my, me again for first post ?, thats new ;):O:O

cool great news beeky, gald your ok we were worried! shootings going well, wow nearly a minute! doesnt seem much but we all know thats great in stopmotion terms, wow a internal set as high was the studio? wow, wheres that going to be stored afterwards :O hope we can see pics or a video but please no spolier beeky,

cinders1 Posted: Mar 7th 2008

thanks for the update beeky im so pleased that your better and back to sunny aardmans!! ;)

cool chris Posted: Mar 7th 2008

yay beekys back!!!!!!!!!!! celebrate

Harry Posted: Mar 7th 2008

Nice, love the sound of...

Lots of new sets arrive each week, one is so big it touches the roof of the studio and it's an internal set!!!!!!!!!!!! Your all going to be blown away when you get to see this stuff!

well, glad your back, and 1/30 done!(nearly)


Mark the shark Posted: Mar 7th 2008

Yippee!!! Glad you're back! THANK YOU!!!;)

wandgfan21 Posted: Mar 8th 2008

brilliant cant wait not long only a few months.

Josephine Posted: Mar 8th 2008

...and a warm welcome back, Cheeky Beeky! We missed you, buddy!

Fish Posted: Mar 8th 2008

Yes, Beeky - welcome back! You were sorely missed!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 8th 2008


conty Posted: Mar 10th 2008

glad your back beeky!!! set sounds great, cant wait to see it:)

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 14th 2008

Hi Conty!!!

Josephine Posted: Mar 14th 2008

Hi, Conty!!!! How's life? :D

squigly Posted: Mar 15th 2008

Welcome back, sock-eye!! The waters outside of the comfort of your fishtank have been pretty choppy lately. I'm glad the storms subsided in time for your return!!! Perfect for a swim, eh?

conty Posted: Mar 15th 2008

hello mark, squigly and josephine, im fine thanks, been busy with school stuff and cross country, and i am in the middle of making a model not wallace and gromit though, i wanted to have a go at doing a real looking body, its going ok at the moment, perhaps i will post it when its done, but life is good!!!!!! oh and trying to learn a new song on my guitar as im off to music school in a few months, dont want to show myself up on stage!!!:O:D hope your all good too;)

anti-pesto Posted: Mar 15th 2008

welcome back beeky! hello every1 great news isnt it!

squigly Posted: Mar 15th 2008

conty, i'm amazed at all your interests and talents. it's a good thing you have a personal assistant (aka cinders). lol|-) glad to hear all is well.

cinders1 Posted: Mar 16th 2008

aahh i dont mind, he never asks me for anything, hes a good lad its a pleasure;) as long as the fridge is full hes happy!!!!!!:)

Gags Posted: Mar 18th 2008

Glad your back Beeky!!!:D

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 21st 2008

Hahaha! Conty, I think you're a very inspiring lad! You handle animation, modelmaking, music, school stuff, cross country! MAN, I'D EXPLODE!!!!:D

squigly Posted: Mar 24th 2008

And I think he plays rugby and swims too!|-)

conty Posted: Mar 24th 2008

shucks your making me blush!! ive not been around for five days been blown around ontop a cliff!! im glad to be back, we had a flurry of snow, hale stones lots of wind and rain!!!! good practice though for the ten tors!!!i knew we should of parked outside aardmans in the sun!!! eh beeky!!;)

hope ive not missed too much:)

kieran Posted: Mar 26th 2008

when can we see some new wallace and gromit pictures pleaseeeeeeeeee

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Well, I hope the weather gets better for you, Conty. It's been exactly the same for me but it doesn't look like it's gonna get any better! MAn, I had four seasons in one day today! I had snow, then sun, then sunnier, then RAIN!!!:O

squigly Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Do the leaves change in the fall where you live MTS?

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 29th 2008


Looser Beat Posted: Mar 31st 2008

hurrah. return of da beek

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

Who are you? :)

jills Posted: Apr 10th 2008

It's all so exciting!!!

Josephine Posted: Apr 11th 2008

Hiya, jills! Long time, no hear! How're you doing??? :D

Sock Eye Salmon

gromitlove Posted: Apr 13th 2008

Hello and greetings Josephine,
I was just wondering, how does one learn that Wallace plays the banjo?

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 19th 2008

Hi guys!:D

Josephine Posted: Apr 21st 2008

Hello, gromitlove - sorry for the late reply to your good question!

And HELLLOOOO to you, too, Markie Sharkie, old fruit! ;)

Now, and his banjo/guitar... I think it is on the "were " DVD where the Two Almighties - Nick P and Steve Box - are commentating on the scenes that were not used in the final cut of the aforementioned film. There you see the storyboards where is playing the banjo/guitar in the Anti-Pesto van and singing a song.

I hope this helps!

Yours rockin' with the ukelele
Sock Eye Salmon

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 23rd 2008

Hello Sock Eye! The water looks nice! Care for a dip.

Josephine Posted: Apr 26th 2008



Nice to have you back, Markie Sharkie!

Mark the shark Posted: May 22nd 2008

Thanks Sock-Eye! WAHOO! :D

anti-pesto Posted: Jun 7th 2008

would join you sharky but anti-pesto are protecting vegtables not fish! gromit comes out and it takes ages 2 dry him and wallace is more of an "onshore" person, into his inventions and protection 4 the town.:-(

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 10th 2008

Oh, ok. ;)

jills Posted: Jul 18th 2008

Now it's mid-July I could use that water anytime

How'ya been Josephine?

Howdy, Shark :)

Josephine Posted: Jul 20th 2008

Well a gigantic Howdy-Doo to you, jills! Long time, no hear, petal! Have you been busy-busy???

Oh, I've been busy-busy with one thing and another and have been away from the forum often days at a time as a result but always LOVE squeezing a peek at our beloved website to see how our dear friends are doing!

Chuffed to mintballs to hear from you again, pet! :D hope you are well!

Sock Eye Salmon

vadic Posted: Jul 20th 2008

19 shots = nearly a second?

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