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minchyp Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 15th 2007

If anyone has good ideas about how to bake a Gromit cake, I'd love to know them. My little boy would love one for his birthday!

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

Well you can bake an ordinary cake and put a 3d marzipan figure of gromit on it. Or create a picture of gromit using colored icing on top of your cake like in the cake-recipe on this forum.

springwizard Posted: Sep 6th 2007

Well,you know,what you could do is the folowing:
You see,first you print out one of the colouring pages from the site lay some wax paper over it,then trace around the design with icing made with the folowing recipe:
1 cup (250g)softened butter,preferably unsalted
3 1/2 cups (500g) powdered sugar
1tbsp boiled,hot water
1 tsp vanilla extact
1.Beat the butter untill soft and fluffy
2.Add the sugar,water and extract.Beat until pale and creamy. You may need to double or tripple this recipe as nessacary. Next,print out the colouring page of your choice,then trace it onto wax paper or tracing paper,then,do the folowing:
1.Place your image onto a thin cake board and put a sheet of plastic wrap over the top. Use a tiny bit of tape at the edges to hold it in place if you wish.
2.Place about a tablespoon of that same icing you made from the above recipe,tinted black,into a piping bag fitted with a #2 pipping nozzle. Trace arond the outlines of the characters,filling in any details
3.Tint some icing pink and put it in a piping bag that has a tiny wedge shape snipped out of the tip. Use this to fill in the characters' faces.
4.Repeat the procedure with icing that has been tinted in the appropriate colours for Wallace's,sweater,trousers and hat if he's wearing one.
5.fill in the background with any uncoloured icing that remains.
6.When you have finished the image,carefuly remove the tape from the corners and gently place a second sheet of plastic wrap over the top of the picture.
7. Place a second thin cake board(well,actualy,I think you Brits refer to them as "cake cards" But you know what mean.)on top of the pile and carefuly turn the layers over. Gently press down and squash the boards together.
8.Remove what is now the top board and the traced design. Using your finger,gently rub over the plastic wrap in a curcular motion to get rid of any piping marks.
Prick any air bubbles with a dress maker's pin.
9.When you have finished,place the second cake board back on top of the image and place in the freezer for at least an hour.
10.Cut the cake in half horizontaly and sandwich the layers together with the icing you made previously. Place the cake onto the cake board and spread a smooth covering of icing over the top and sides of the cake.
11.When frozen,remove the board and plastic wrap from the back of the design.
12.Carefully lift the design and lay on the friosted side of the cake.Peel off the plastic wrap
13.Spread buttercream over the cakeboard and press a line of gumdrops around the edges of the cake. Place a few more drops in the corners and around the sides of the cake and scatter some on the board. Presto! that's it. You have a Wallace and Gomit cake that the lad's sure to love. I ger-un-tee.

conty Posted: Sep 6th 2007

my nan baked a cake for my little brother and put a gromit figure on it, then she put some raisens covered in chocolate and put them under gromits bum, so he looked like hed had a poo!!! he laughed his head off and said that it was the best cake hed ever had, and we had loads of fun eating the poo, but he was only 5, he still remembers the cake now and very often says can you remember the cake that nan baked me covered in poo, nan is great really although she is mad!

springwizard Posted: Sep 7th 2007

I don't mean to sound offended or anything. But half the time,I don't think you Brits get us Americans half the time.Especialy when we try to get a message across. By the way,I found this recipe on the internet and thought I would share it with you. First,though,You make have to go to and order some flower fondant cutters before trying to make theese. But,anyway,this is a neat idea for a centrepiece for a large diner party table.First,you need a few wooden dowels about the length and bredth of an average unused pencil,right out of the package,a terra cotta flower pot,washed and dried and a bit of parsely. Also,you might need a block of oasis,to hold in the flowers. Now for the flowers you need two different tyoes of cheese(don't tell me you don't like cheese)in individualy sliced packs. One has to be cheddar,the other,Swiss. Use the little fondant cutters to cut out the flowers and thier centres. Be sure to contrast the centre-part with the colour of the flowers themselves,so they'd look right. You may want to use a hacksaw to trim each dowel,just a bit to vary the heights. Attatch the centres to the flowers with just a bit of Wensleydale spread,then stick each flower head on top of a dowel,then cut the oasis block to fit your pot of choice. Then you stuff that oasis block at the bottom of the pot and then,press your flower "stems" into that. After that,use some Wensleydale spread to glue parsely onto the stems and fill the rest of the pot up to the top with parsely sprigs. Presto! A nice centrepiece for a lovely dinner party.

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 8th 2007

Well I'll try your recipe when I find the occasion for it. I think conty didn't mean to offend you though. He probably just wanted to share his funny story with us all.:D

page123 Posted: Sep 9th 2007

a gromit cake sounds cool,i was like that on my birthday i wanted a dog cake,because i love dogs,mind you every one should after watching gromit;)

Jenny Posted: Sep 9th 2007

I had a Wallace and Gromit cake when I was little but I'll try and make a Gromit cake! and I love Dogs too! :D

page123 Posted: Sep 10th 2007

when i was littel me and mum tried making a plain old cheese cake,and it was so gooey ,i think we put a dash to much of the condensed milk we had fun making it though:-(|)

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 26th 2007

Someone get cheeseland on here-he posted a piccy of one on to the Creations bit once!

sierra oscar 48 Posted: Oct 30th 2007

Cool idea i made on wallace cake for my little brother for his birthday !!!

Josephine Posted: Oct 31st 2007

Tesco did one with & in the porthole from A Grand Day Out in icing. I got that for my birthday some years ago and it was very tasty ... it was a pity to cut it. A work of art of course, it's more fun making one yourself.

concon Posted: Nov 26th 2007

i'm british and that offendes some people springwizard:'(

wghtmf Posted: Apr 16th 2008

Well, you just bake an ordinary cupcake, and then choose one of these pictures or another gromit pic and ice it on the cake.

traceyb Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

hi minchyp.ive got a brilliant book called "w&g cracking celebration cakes" it tells u how 2 do all the decorating.all the favourite characters are in there.its written by a lady called debbie brown.the pics in it are great.she has a website.its cant see who published the book but the isbn number is 10:1-905113-04-8.i hope this helps

Fourthtry Posted: Apr 28th 2008

You who. Guess who? Yep,me again. Long time no see,eh. What has everyone been up to lately?

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