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jordan Posted: Mar 17th 2008

i ment lindsay in the title but hit enter to early and you cant edit titles yet for some reason

New Wallace & Gromit Gets Love Interest
Sally Lindsay voicing Piella Bakewell


The new Wallace and Gromit special A Matter of Loaf And Death (previously titled Trouble 'At Mill) has found a love interest for cheese enthusiast and terrible inventor of things Wallace. Sally Lindsay, best known for playing Shelly Unwin in Coronation Street and being best buds with Peter Kay, is to voice Piella Bakewell.

Nick Park says he chose Lindsay when, "I was driving along the M5 listening to a radio interview and heard this colourful and characterful voice – it was a perfect match for Wallace. I have been searching for a while and keeping my ears peeled since I started writing, wondering who might voice Wallace’s love interest. When I heard Sally on the radio I knew she was the one. As soon as I got home I IMDB’d her."

The press release announces the plot for the new project, which will air on the BBC later this year, thusly:

"Wallace and Gromit have a brand new bakery business, ‘Top Bun’. Their whole house has been converted into a granary with a ‘Wallace patent-pending’ old-fashioned windmill on the roof. Although business is booming, Gromit finds himself having to run
the whole operation single-handedly as Wallace is ‘dough-eyed’ in love with the beautiful Piella Bakewell, former star of the Bake-O-Lite bread commercials.

But Gromit is not so enamored of Piella - her ‘woman’s touch’ at 62 West Wallaby Street puts the dog’s nose out of joint. What’s more, a dozen local bakers have disappeared in recent months and Gromit is worried that Wallace may be next. Gromit turns sleuth and the duo soon find themselves drawn into a sinister murder mystery - it’s ‘A Matter Of Loaf And Death’."

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 17th 2008

You're certainly on the ball Jordan!

jordan Posted: Mar 17th 2008

hehe broke the news before you katie!

Josephine Posted: Mar 17th 2008

Will there be a wedding cake maker in the town called "Hearts and Flours"?

Tee Hee!

Sock Eye Salmon

squigly Posted: Mar 18th 2008

You crack me up, sock-eye! I forgot what I was going to post!

Oh, I know...did anyone notice how Piella's doing that hand thing? Maybe she's 's twin - separated at birth!|-)

Josephine Posted: Mar 18th 2008

squigly - Piella could well be a twin, you know! You could have unearthed a vital twist in the tale. Good one, my friend ;) !

I had to share the "Hearts and Flours" gag - it was going round my head and decided it should appear.
I wondered if anyone would get it - but you did, squigly! :)

Lady Tottington tried that hands thing, too, in "Wererabbit" - but does it better!

Josephine Posted: Mar 18th 2008

...could there be another character called Victoria Sandwich? She'd be really jammy ...

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 21st 2008


cj08 Posted: Mar 22nd 2008

She was great on Coronation Street

squigly Posted: Mar 24th 2008

Oh, sock-eye...didn't get that Victoria Sandwich one. Could only think of Victoria Secret but don't know how that would relate to a Sadwich. Do I hear a virtual tumbleweed rumbling by?:-|

squigly Posted: Mar 24th 2008

Josephine Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Oh, crumbs!

A Victoria Sandwich is a round sponge cake, cut through the middle,with red jam and cream in the middle.

It's name - I think - is from Queen Victoria. Was she amused or did she see the virtual tumbleweed whoosh by!!!???

Well, her son, Edward VII, has a potato variety named after him - they make good chips! ;)

squigly Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Was he a stud? I mean a spud? Potato head? Or was he a chipper kind of fellow?:)

Josephine Posted: Mar 27th 2008



Josephine Posted: Mar 27th 2008

...indeedy, Ed 7 was a chipper kind of fellow. The King Edward variety of spud is great for roasting, mashing and baking...

The trouble is, you have to watch them like a hawk when you are boiling them as they tend to break and go into a slushy mush after a while if you're not careful. It's best to boil them with the heat turned right down low and test them every now and again...

Did you know that 2008 is the United Nations Year of the Potato?

Give a spud its due!!!!

Yours in a chef's hat and apron
Sock Eye Salmon

squigly Posted: Mar 29th 2008

wow, sock-eye, you are a wealth of information. Thank you for that tidbit about E7 as well as the UN. I don't think we have the E7 potato here. I like those smaller potatos with the rose-colored skin. They don't get mushy! :)

Josephine Posted: Mar 30th 2008

Spuds are curious but wonderful things, squigly.

Spuds with touches of red (and red skins) are tasty, indeed. In fact, the King Edward spud has little spots of pink here and there. That's what I look for when shopping...the Ed7 is slowly going out of season here and making way are the so-called "new" spud varieties.

If you Goggle (tee hee!) UN Year of the Potato, you'll find their web page and it is truly fascinating.

It was during the course of research that I came across fabulous spud facts - it would make a great school project 0:)

Yours in a pan
Sock Eye Salmon

squigly Posted: Mar 30th 2008

oohhhh, hope that pan wasn't on a hot stove, sock-eye!

I will have to put on the Goggles and look up some spud facts. Thanks for the tip!

Michael2008 Posted: Apr 2nd 2008

anti-pesto did post this news first

jordan Posted: Apr 3rd 2008

not the confirmed they didnt... i even posted it before katie did in the latest news section.

Fish Posted: Apr 3rd 2008

I'm glad you found the tumbleweed, squigly! :D For some reason I missed it when you posted it a week ago! :O

Josephine Posted: Apr 3rd 2008

Well, squigly squid my sea-dwelling pal, it's the only time I've been PANNED by the critics...but I've lived to tell the tale...

Enjoy your spuds!!!!

Sock Eye Salmon

anti-pesto Posted: Apr 6th 2008

thanks michael2008 that is truebut it really dosnt matter

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