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Zebrafish Posted: Mar 22nd 2008

Hi everyone ive been wondering for a while now, what the vegetables, leaves and hair in Curse of the Were Rabbit is made of. So if you have any suggestions to that, or other things related, please post them here.
I could really use the help cause im doing this Rainforest-thingy mini movie.

Harry Posted: Mar 22nd 2008

ermm, im not sure, my guess would be fimo.

jordan Posted: Mar 22nd 2008

all the vegetables were made of coloured/translucent wax for real look/texture of vegetables

Zebrafish Posted: Mar 23rd 2008

Wow, thanks jordan! and harry too!
Im thinking with the leaves, that maybe i would just buy some plastic plants, cut out the leaves i want, and then paint them so they are the right size.
what do you think about that?
i dont know what material their made of, but it looks pretty much the same as plastic plants.

Harry Posted: Mar 23rd 2008

yea you could do that, how would painting them make them a different size hehe? do you mean cut them, well hope you have a good easter. from harry!

Zebrafish Posted: Mar 23rd 2008

Happy easter to you as well!
Hehe your avatar is from the same picture as mine.
But what i mean with the leaves is, that if i just cut it, and then dont paint it, it will look like i cut a small leave from a big one( as i did )
but i need to paint it to get it to look like that its actually in the size that my movie is, you know?
arh, forget it. im horrible at explaining things!

Harry Posted: Mar 23rd 2008

i get it now!!! i do, dont think im just saying that, well good luck maybe you could get small bunches of leaves and cut them at the same time. that would save time. good luck then!

VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 10th 2008

The vegetables are made out of a king of wax which makes them shiny. The leaves are probably made out of same or Newplasst clay. The fur is made out of a special kind of stretchy material

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