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GromitW Posted: Aug 16th 2007

I love the first movie because it`s the first one and the characters don`t look so perfect, so you can see the plasticine!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 16th 2007

Yes, I think the first one is brilliant too - can you believe Nick Park spent 6 years making it?! I don't know if I would have the patience!

GromitW Posted: Aug 16th 2007

If I would give it a rate frome 1 to 10, I would give it 9,99999999999999 points

jordan Posted: Aug 17th 2007

Nick Park, if he never had finished the grand day out, we wouldnt be loving W&G and this website wouldnt exist!!!!!!

GromitW Posted: Aug 17th 2007

What about Wrong trousers?....

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 17th 2007

10 out of 10, of course! I don't think it's possible to make 30 minutes of film any better than The Wrong Trousers. The "Have you seen this chicken?" wanted poster makes me laugh eveytime!

connor gorman Posted: Aug 19th 2007

i love all of the films and nick park has made me like animation and i am making my own but my best one was a grand day out

connor gorman Posted: Aug 20th 2007

a 10/10:)

wallboy Posted: Aug 22nd 2007

all wallace and gromit films are great woo hoo yay for w+g all films 10/10

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 22nd 2007

i like all of them but the wrong trousers was the most successful.winning an award for every minute of its length i have got to say the wrong trousers

RobertGoswell Posted: Aug 23rd 2007

since i went to aardman studios i really fell in love with the characters . I like all of the films but my favourite has to be the curse of the were rabbit

debeller Posted: Aug 24th 2007

I love all the films 10/10 for all of them and i also like the cracking contraptions they made

nathan Posted: Aug 31st 2007

i would never give wallace and gromit 10/10 i would give them 12345456786543245678765434567876543456789876543234567898765432345678io98765432123456789876543212345678998765432345678987654323456789876543234567876543245678987654345678987654566789000000000000/10

jordan Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

i agree

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 3rd 2007

My favorite is the curse of the were rabbit. Thanks to nick park i love plasticine and making my own movies i have even made morph.

page123 Posted: Sep 11th 2007

i wish:D i could of seen that movie,i'll have to buy the on bbc at 19;00 wallace and gromit are on the box.i am so going to watch it:Oi did not think it would be on again till new year

connor gorman Posted: Oct 5th 2007

the wrong trousers was good aswell because there was 1 new character feathrs mcgraw and the techno pants

jills Posted: Oct 8th 2007

I think the best W&G film was The Wrong Trousers. It had an amazing storyline, Feathers was a brill character, plus the train scene.. it's so good that it's beautiful and still funny. And I love how Gromit loses his room to the criminal! on his bed listening to headphones!

After that I like A Close Shave, then Grand Day Out. After those, Cracking Contraptions then COTWR. In my opinion it's not as good as the others. I think our duo is too good for the big screen. They belong at home so you can share their adventures with a cuppa and a bit of cheese.

curt t1 Posted: Feb 25th 2008

i agree with u on cotwr. but i think first a grand day our then the wrong trousers then cracking contraptions then a close shave then cotwr. i found a close shave a bit rushed

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