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Production Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 26th 2008

We are pushing on as ever on the studio floor and more shots are being completed every day, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get clearance (we're working on it) to show you any actual production stills. So instead here's a lovely picture of some of the crew wearing sombreros.....

From L to R

Will Becher - Animator
Kate Munkenbeck - Prod Co-Ordinator
Steve Pegram - Producer
Beeky - Prod Manager
Matt Perry - Art Director
Dave Alex Riddett - DOP
Nick Park - Director
Ben Barrowman - Runner
Mike Salter - Story Artist

and last but not least "lovely" George Milburn - Camera Assistant.

More news soon, hopefully proper news with some tasty pics.

All the best


jordan Posted: Mar 26th 2008

me first! ;)

LOL whys Nicks Pink!? lol looks like eveybody enjoying themsleves, keep up the gd work! Great pic!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Great! It looks like you folks are enjoying yourself! :D Enjoy the production while you can.:-( I know more people than me are fearing this may be the last W&G film. :'(

Harry Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Ohh these sets look gorgeous, So do you guys!

Josephine Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Hola, Amigos!!!!!! Chilli Con Carne, Fajitas e tortilla!!!

Don't do Speedy Gonzales, d'you hear, gringo!!!


Sock Eye Salmon

PS: The Almighty Nick P - Why pink? Is it for charity??? 0:)

Josephine Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Easy on the Tequilla, Beeky-boy!

Tee Hee-haaaaaaa!!!!!! Yee-baa-yee-baa-yee-baa!!!!

Bang bang!!!

Sock Eye Salmon
Theeee fashtest salmon in h'all Me'heeco!!!


squigly Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Thanks for the pic - or should I says gracias (is that how you spell it?) Everyone looks to be having a grand time. Must have been a good day on the set!!!

Josephine Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Yep, squigly! They looked like they were having a fiesta and a siesta...but not at the same time! :D

Fish Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Thanks for the update! And even though it still isn't a production "still" - I love the picture! :D

Josephine Posted: Mar 27th 2008

Brilliant picture, Amigos!

cool chris Posted: Mar 28th 2008


Mark the shark Posted: Mar 29th 2008

Brilliant picture!

cool chris Posted: Mar 30th 2008


kieran Posted: Mar 30th 2008

when will there be more pictures

gromitlove Posted: Mar 30th 2008

Could this be a hint of the plot? Cheddar in quesadillas! Ole'!

kieran Posted: Mar 30th 2008


squigly Posted: Mar 30th 2008

Doesn't Piella sound like a play on the Spanish rice dish, Paella? You could be on to something there!

Either that or the production staff just likes having a crackin' time every now and then!

conty Posted: Mar 31st 2008

thanks for the update beeky!!!!! a few clues in the pic;)

gromitlove Posted: Mar 31st 2008

La Cucaracha, la cucaracha, ma no puede caminar...

gromitlove Posted: Mar 31st 2008

Lovely houses-- when the photo loads on it's magnified. And all the packages of plasticine.
Thanks for the picture!

anti-pesto Posted: Apr 6th 2008

oh! lovely sets

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

Yeah, great!

cool chris Posted: Apr 7th 2008

hows it going beeky

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 9th 2008

Dont be silly Mark the shark of course Nick wouldnt make this be the last wallace and gromit film because then we would only have Shaun the sheep and Nick wouldnt take him away either because we wouldnt have anything to watch apart from Timmys new show. By the way Katie is that now in production and if it is or when it is will you give us a blog with pictures on shauns site. SQUIGlY this is a bakery and they sell pies in bakerys dont they so it PIEella

squigly Posted: Apr 9th 2008

???The Farmers land rover...what are you on about???

I think we all got that she was named Piella because this movie has a bakery theme to it and that bakeries sell pies.

Or did you not know that Paella (which is pronounced the same as Piella) is the name of a Spanish rice dish?

Still don't know what point you're trying to make. BTW, Piella only has one 'e' in it.:-|

FleaCircusDirector Posted: Apr 9th 2008

I see you have got Seann William Scott as part of the team (far left). Always a good thing to have input from an actor for a project.

ChrisJohnson Posted: Apr 9th 2008

Guess I have been too busy working but I notice the new name of the film. I like "A Matter of Loaf and Death" better then "trouble at Mill". Am I that far behind?

Can't wait for the new film! :D

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 10th 2008

What I was meaning Sguigly is that you thought that they named it after a spanish dish

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 10th 2008

I cant wa:shaun:it for it:wall:wallace3:ace2:

i love wallace & gromit Posted: Apr 10th 2008

hey every1 cool pics all of ya

Fish Posted: Apr 11th 2008

No, The Farmers Land rover - I sincerely doubt squigly thought anything of the sort! You've come in on the conversation rather late, and maybe you've missed the fact people were referring to the photo with the Spanish/Mexican hats. This thread has a series of word plays and puns by people who have been talking with each other about and for months and know very well why Piella is Piella.:-|

squigly Posted: Apr 12th 2008

Thanks, Fish. My thoughts exactly. Shall we cue the tumbleweed for The Farmers Land Rover? That's too long - TFLR from now on.;)

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 13th 2008

Sorry squigy

squigly Posted: Apr 13th 2008

No probs, TFLR. But when you have a chance, you should read some of the older threads. There's a lot of informative, interesting and creative ideas in them. I think I read the forum for about a month or so before joining in! lol|-)

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 19th 2008

The Farmers Land Rover, I'm not being silly. It's logical. They can't continue on without Peter Sallis. Think about it.

gromitlove Posted: Apr 20th 2008

It's time for another fan love letter to Mr. Sallis! We love Mr. Sallis!

The Farmers Land rover Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

No what they do is have his voice on a computer then anyone can read it then they make it sound like peter salis

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 23rd 2008

And they do this hooooooooooow...

Topaz Posted: Apr 29th 2008

TEQUILA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Regards From Dr Rettun

Mark the shark Posted: May 4th 2008

What the -

kieran Posted: Jun 26th 2008

use sound clips from other films with peter sallis in

abbey97 Posted: Jun 29th 2008

abbey97 Posted: Jun 29th 2008

holly1208 Posted: Aug 14th 2008

I love all &films(My overall favourite is A Grand Day Out)

wandgfan21 Posted: Aug 16th 2008

did you make that or did you find it on the internet?

xHaNnAhVwx Posted: Aug 16th 2008

Heyaa :D did any of you guys collect the magazine..i did i even wrote to them and my letter was printed onto the magazine i was so happy hehe thank youu!!!! Aardman, W & G for printing my letter!!|-)

× LONG LIVE AND !!!! ×

leather Posted: Aug 19th 2008

Erm? What pictures??

squigly Posted: Aug 24th 2008

lol...I guess Beeky should have said "UPDATE (with picture!!!!!!)|-)

bronny8425 Posted: Aug 24th 2008

but he couldnt could he???:-|

BV6000 Posted: Aug 24th 2008


I'm an Australian Fan of Wallace and Gromit. I was just wondering if anyone had an idea of what time we will be seeing the new film "A Matter Of Loaf And Death" down under in Aus


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