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Mark the shark Posted: Aug 25th 2008


Gromit27 Posted: Sep 1st 2008

well its coming out in england around xmas time
so it should be out in australia around january time or it may be shown the same time as us
hope this helps!:D

Carruth Posted: Oct 29th 2008

Is that pictures from "A Matter of Loaf and Death?"

Carruth Posted: Oct 29th 2008

Will "A Matter of Loaf and Death" be shown in America?...Or will we have to order it specially?

bronny8425 Posted: Oct 30th 2008

well it should be coming out in december i think its wat ive been told so i hope it should help u

SavedbyBishop Posted: Oct 30th 2008

That's the first thing on my Chrismas list

DragonGirl Posted: Oct 31st 2008

Hey um, would W&G be coming out in NZ (New Zealand)?

maxwell smart Posted: Nov 6th 2008

I wonder when are coming to dvd

maxwell smart Posted: Nov 6th 2008

Is pieella evil

still dizzy Posted: Nov 7th 2008

Great picture,

whgudwns Posted: Nov 9th 2008

lol...I guess Beeky should have said "UPDATE (with picture!!!!!!)

thetopbun Posted: Dec 11th 2008


leiva Posted: Dec 13th 2008

Here in Honduras we are also waiting for the new w/g film

leiva Posted: Dec 13th 2008

greetings from Leiva ,
she is a honduran fan of w/g

jemkam Posted: Dec 17th 2008

Please remember not to give out ay personal info (including ages)

Thank you!8)

lazer beak1 Posted: Dec 17th 2008

this picture loooks really weried this is a reaaly picture.

keshacoggins Posted: Dec 19th 2008

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nam man06 Posted: Apr 8th 2009

green69688 Posted: Apr 12th 2009

utterly boring.:-|:-|:-|:-|:-|

green69688 Posted: Apr 12th 2009


chees3gromit Posted: Apr 14th 2009

ooh, thats quite alot of Wallaces

nam man06 Posted: Apr 15th 2009

are you callin me beaky?! :-( if you are the answer is NO!

Mp3charlie Posted: Apr 16th 2009


Mp3charlie Posted: Apr 16th 2009


chees3gromit Posted: Apr 16th 2009

triple smiley crew! :):):)


MarkusL Posted: Apr 17th 2009

Great picture :)

number Posted: Jul 19th 2009

nice hat guys!!!:D

Joseph Dunn Posted: Aug 31st 2009

Aardman Is just so magical and wonderfull! Hats off to you, Aardman!|-)

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