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FILM PRODUCTION BLOG » SOMBREROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Production Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 26th 2008

It's sombrero day on "A Matter of Loaf and Death"!

jordan Posted: Mar 26th 2008

me again, never or is it in my imagonation?
aw cool , Spanish/Mexican , Sombreros? relevant? lol anyway love the pic!

Harry Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Wow, Looks like your having fun!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 26th 2008

Cool! It's great to see you folks are enjoying yourself! I can't wait for the film! ENJOY ANIMATING IT, YOU GREAT AARDMAN FOLK!!!:D

cinders1 Posted: Apr 15th 2008

uumm is the film going to have a spanish twist i ask myself, with piella sounding very spanish too!!!!!;)

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Apr 15th 2008

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 19th 2008

Hmmm, I suppose so Cinders.;)

gromitlove Posted: Apr 20th 2008

The whole Spanish/Mexican/south-of-the-border notion reminds me that there was such a fad in the 1950s-- long ago my grandfather talked about the "new" :Odances like conga line and rhumba;)-- and this is around the point in time W&G looks back to.

On the other hand, Piella does not look at all Spanish!

gromitlove Posted: Apr 20th 2008

On yet another hand, maybe they need those sombreros because it's so very sunny in Bristol.

cinders1 Posted: Apr 20th 2008

no its not very sunny in bristol, just over aardman;) we managed to do shopping without our coats today so its getting better:)

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 23rd 2008

It sure is getting better in Scotland, I assure you!

gromitlove Posted: Apr 26th 2008

"Will ye gang to the Highlands, Sally Lindsay?..."

Hermes Posted: Jun 27th 2008

I like Sombreros tooMoooo:

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