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W&Gandfreindsfan Posted: Mar 27th 2008

I like Wallace and his crazy inventions!

Noah-x Posted: Mar 30th 2008

I like Gromit, he is so cute and smart.

Janique1 Posted: Mar 30th 2008

i like gromit too... his cute, friendly and allways doind the work 4 wallace!!! hi, nice 2 meet u Noah-x, welcome 2 the site, hope u r pleased with this site, feel like u r at home!!!

curt t1 Posted: Mar 31st 2008

i like hutch because he has wallaces crazy inventions and love of cheese and a brilliant voice and is a little rabbit at heart and everyone likes rabbits!

shaunthesheeprocksaspie Posted: Apr 1st 2008

I like Wallace and his crazy inventions! too!

greenbow13 Posted: Apr 2nd 2008

I like and because there Cool:-(|)

greenbow13 Posted: Apr 2nd 2008

Sorry gata go im going tomy Grandmas house. See ya lata;)

greenbow13 Posted: Apr 2nd 2008

Be back peeps.;)

black Posted: May 5th 2008

because he is funny.

Gromits Brother Posted: May 15th 2008

My Favorite isand Like you greenbow13.They are so AUESOME!;)

Gromits Brother Posted: May 16th 2008

They are both so SMART0:)>:-)

black Posted: May 17th 2008

.10000000000000000000 time!

Gromits Brother Posted: May 20th 2008

ya he's cool too.

black Posted: May 25th 2008

cool in cheese
put him in evrey movie nick park pleeeeease.

woodcot Posted: Jun 5th 2008

I love the rocket, washing machine and the robot dog.I am collecting W & G early figures from ebay.It's great fun and really cheers me up when I see them in my cabinet.
I am currently compiling a price list and pix from ebay in order to track what is out there for sale.
Wait for the book.


shaun28 Posted: Jun 13th 2008

I like gromit and secondly i like wallace and thirdly i like the bunny who i cant remember his name.

black Posted: Jun 14th 2008


Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jun 14th 2008

Gromit is the coolest, smartest pooch ever put on celluloid. He's perhaps the most expressive silent film star since the days of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. And when he's on screen with Wallace, they make the perfect comedic duo. They remind me of both Abbott and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy. But Nick Park's creations are totally original as well. All hail Aardman's greatest characters!

rockie jord cobain Posted: Jun 16th 2008

hes a sheep baaa

Duchamp42 Posted: Jun 19th 2008

The cooker! For a long time I didn't realize that's what it was. I have a soft spot for characters who don't talk though.

Gromit27 Posted: Jul 14th 2008

i love he is sooo cool and i just love his character

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 14th 2008

What's not to like. I mean look at him. He's awesomely expressive and he's never even opened his mouth to speak (except in "The Wrong Trousers" where he gave a good yelp off screen).

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Jul 29th 2008

rockin gromit Posted: Aug 1st 2008

i love them all (not literally)

Harry Posted: Aug 3rd 2008

Even though there not a main character I think one of my favourite characters is Mrs. Mulch, she is just a jolly old lady really and she is so funny. In Curse of the Were Rabbit where the vicar is in the church on his own at night and something comes in, when that thing Burps the Vicar is wondering who or what it is and says "Mrs. Mulch"

I had a laugh at that part.

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 8th 2008

holly1208 Posted: Aug 13th 2008

My favourite &character isbecause he is funny,i like the way he acts like Wallace!

wallacey Posted: Aug 19th 2008

And all the others

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 19th 2008

I like Gromit,he is so cute
But I do like Wallace and Hutch my favoruite little bunny!

Adventure Quest 111 Posted: Aug 22nd 2008

Gromit. Or one of the tiny rabbits from COTWR

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 31st 2008

My fav is Gromit he is so cool and i dont think Wallace would be funny without the no.1 pooch

Nick you are a genius and i dont know how you could of thought up the best character ever.

xIzzyx Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

i like and they are funny!!

crackingcheese Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

Wallace and gromit

ursocoolgirl Posted: Sep 10th 2008

Well it is really hard 2 choose from wallace and gromit but I tynk dat gromit is gr8 coz he is just omg wow so gud!:D

plasjas Posted: Sep 14th 2008


plasjas Posted: Sep 14th 2008

plasjas Posted: Sep 14th 2008

plasjas Posted: Sep 14th 2008


plasjas Posted: Sep 14th 2008

that didn't work

maeshu Posted: Sep 17th 2008

of course GROMIT!!!!

dhphillips Posted: Sep 22nd 2008

My favorite character is GROMIT! Even though he doesn't ever have anything to say he speaks volumes through his verbal expressions and body language....He is sooo..KoooooL!

I love Wallace and all of the characters too, they are so fun to watch!

Oakes Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

hmmmmmm its got to be......

duckclay Posted: Oct 6th 2008

Gromit because he is quiet and clever.

duckclay Posted: Oct 6th 2008

duckclay Posted: Oct 6th 2008

duckclay Posted: Oct 6th 2008

duckclay Posted: Oct 6th 2008

duckclay Posted: Oct 6th 2008


wallaceandgromit10 Posted: Oct 7th 2008

wallace and gromit

wg53 Posted: Oct 7th 2008

Mine is

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