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crazyman 13 Posted: Apr 11th 2009

:feathers:I zink zey all arz nize

green69688 Posted: Apr 12th 2009

is so give him a:-X

EchoRose Posted: Apr 12th 2009

I love both Wallace and Gromit, but I think I like Gromit a little better because he acts similar to a dog I once had. I also love Fluffy (I know her name's realy Fluffles, but I don't like that name, and I don't think she does ether) because she's so sweet and cute. I think that fluffy and Gromit are perfect for each other, so cute!

green69688 Posted: Apr 13th 2009

i think you are right,EchoRose.:)be my buddie.|-)

Fifi1997 Posted: Apr 14th 2009

Mine would be Gromit Wallace Ladytottanton and Fluffles

crackersandcheese Posted: Apr 16th 2009


wallace and gromit meet shaun Posted: Apr 20th 2009


gromit and wallace Posted: Apr 26th 2009

i love wallace

cool red Posted: May 1st 2009

becuse they look funny

wallace295 Posted: May 2nd 2009


w&g75 Posted: May 3rd 2009

Prof Universe Posted: May 9th 2009

wallace is a :-(|)

gromit is a :O

Prof Universe Posted: May 9th 2009

i think and r da best!!

i've seen the wrong trousers,a close shave and all of them (kinda)

lucky2000 Posted: May 9th 2009

is my fave

Prof Universe Posted: May 9th 2009

in "a matter of loaf and death" i never knew pianna would be the cereal killer (i thought it will be someone else) still and r >:-) and :surpriseing:

Prof Universe Posted: May 9th 2009

hey can u get some chesse 4 your old pal ?

fluffles the poodle Posted: May 9th 2009

well its pretty clear who w and g meets shaun likes the best from their post-it is wallace right? lol just kidding

ps prof universe its piella;)

lucky2000 Posted: May 19th 2009

hi my favourite is and because i like those and those are the main characters

peter kay is pc mac Posted: May 19th 2009

1. &
2. PC MAC!
3. Piella
4. &

Cameronl Posted: May 19th 2009

I like Wallace,Hutch,and Gromit

w&g75 Posted: May 21st 2009


gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: May 26th 2009

Gromit 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: May 26th 2009

Graultip the Great Posted: May 27th 2009

Cinder The Kitten Posted: May 29th 2009

i like Feathers McGraw

wallace295 Posted: May 30th 2009

joshfoot Posted: May 31st 2009

I like because he is mean:

joshfoot Posted: May 31st 2009

I like and as well:

shaun mad em Posted: Jun 4th 2009


wallace1235 Posted: Jun 4th 2009

wallace and gromit are both great but...........:D
it has to be:O

shaun mad em Posted: Jun 12th 2009

from wallace and gromit it has to be everytime but from shaun the sheep its deffenetly

legostarfreak Posted: Jun 13th 2009

all the way. I love his obbsession with cheese and his kooky creations

wallace295 Posted: Jun 13th 2009

I like from STS I like:
from w&g it has to be

Michi the sheep Posted: Jun 24th 2009

my favorite caracters is Wallace and Gromit because they are nice and smart.

Benny 123 Posted: Jun 25th 2009

My fravriote is gromit is so cute wallace wouldnt be funny with out his teeth but i do like wallace and fethers mcraw is good i have got wallace and gromit a matter of loaf and death but gromit

mortmort Posted: Jun 27th 2009

I like the best because he's smart and he always trying to tell the right things!

july 5th Posted: Jun 29th 2009

gromitis the best he's so funny.

mortmort Posted: Jun 30th 2009

i like gromit the BEST!because he's smart and trys to tell wallace the right things but wallace always gets things wrong!!!!4 ever!

GromitxFluffles Posted: Jul 8th 2009

I love Gromit and Fluffles. They're so cute together.

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 8th 2009

RoboGromit Posted: Jul 13th 2009

gromit shaun and fluffles. all smart and cute

Wensleydale03 Posted: Jul 17th 2009

I like & because the train chase was awesome.

number Posted: Jul 18th 2009


ben 2 Posted: Jul 24th 2009

i like gromit cuz hes cute and cuddly

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 17th 2009

It's got to be Hutch.

Vidpal Posted: Aug 17th 2009

i like them both and this cute little girl

rowan505 Posted: Aug 18th 2009

fluffs of course

box Posted: Aug 27th 2009

jammyjelly Posted: Aug 29th 2009

hot baby Posted: Aug 31st 2009

i love gromet this is how i look at him

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