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StuartRead Posted: Oct 13th 2007

Hey all,

Does anyone remember the Wallace and Gromit Christmas Channel Idents made for BBC? Also does anyone know whether there will be any more in the near future, such as to correspond with the release of Trouble at Mill? The Aardman staff may be able to help me with this.

As new idents they could include bits from the Snowmanotron or the Christmas Cardomatic or make something new entirely... hmm I feel all Christmasy now

connor gorman Posted: Oct 13th 2007

So Do I

Hutch Posted: Oct 15th 2007

Thanks for cheering me up StuartRead.Trouble at Mill however,will be relased at the end of next year hope you enjoy it as much as i do

Hutch Posted: Oct 15th 2007

Yeah i feel christmasy too

Hutch Posted: Oct 21st 2007

I could post it.

no1fan Posted: Oct 21st 2007

I feel very christmassy i really like christmas

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 21st 2007

Huh?! Christmas all ready??? Woah, that was quick!

shaunfan101 Posted: Oct 21st 2007

I have the three cracking adventures DVD which contain the Christmas Idents.

Hutch Posted: Oct 24th 2007

Great Advice:D

anti-pesto Posted: Oct 24th 2007

yer iv seen them

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 25th 2007

Yes, I remember the old idents - they were great! We're looking into getting a copy to put on the site so people can watch them (Our younger members might not have seen them yet!)

As for next year....the film is still in it's early stages so we haven't heard anything yet, but I think a new set of W&G themed idents would be a great way of putting people in the Christmas spirit!

As soon as we find out anymore I'll post it on the news section....

Harry Posted: Oct 25th 2007

Yes Katie I Think You Are Right About The Age Thing Because I Have Not Seen Them And I Didnt Have A Clue What They Were

jordan Posted: Oct 25th 2007

i remember them i would love them to be able to be downloadale please please

connor gorman Posted: Oct 26th 2007

What Were The Old Idents

jordan Posted: Oct 26th 2007

lets see:

Gromit in the kitchen and a plasticine BBC 2 logo knocked off some christmas cards hanging up etc.

Wallace Sat on a chair made of snow in the background, and gromit skating on the ice and the bbc 2 logo skates around too i think it falls through the ice...

wallace and gromit lift up a dish and theres a bbc 2 logo and there christmas lights are twinkling behind them.

thats what i can remember.

connor gorman Posted: Oct 26th 2007

OHHHH ThaNKS jORDAN i Remember now

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 26th 2007

What year were they on there?

jordan Posted: Oct 26th 2007

1997 i think

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 26th 2007

That was a long time ago, so I don't remember them.

Dr_Indigo Posted: Oct 27th 2007

I think I saw one on Youtube. 1995 XMas Ident:

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