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James Posted: Aug 18th 2007

I have been wondering will nick park and his Aardman team make another moviei hope they do

CheeseGromit Posted: Aug 18th 2007

I think they are but theres something about them moving house and sony made a deal with aardman??

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 18th 2007

they're working on the next one at this very moment, although no more information than that has been released so far.

They're going to tell us more in September!

jordan Posted: Aug 19th 2007

its a TV short ive heard

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 19th 2007

They were aiming for a TV short, but they said if the idea was good enough it would be a feature film.

James Posted: Aug 19th 2007

Thank you if you have any more info please tell me

amc Posted: Aug 19th 2007

i would love to see a new film-or if not a full length movie maybe some direct to video shorts maybe?if it is a tv short will it air in canada?

connor gorman Posted: Aug 19th 2007

there might be id love it if there was

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 20th 2007

As you can imagine, Aardman can't give anything away anything at the moment, but as soon as we can it will be posted in our news watch this space!

jordan Posted: Aug 20th 2007

it did say "a all new site coming soon and special announcement"

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 20th 2007

i would like a full length but on the other hand that will be another 5 yearsi wonder what story they have got planned because i love feathers mcraw as he appeared in curse of the were-rabbit and a close shave. they might even have a new job!

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 20th 2007

oh so wallace and gromit have another short coming out jordan

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 20th 2007

not 100% though. Remember, they said they were aiming for another short but if the story was big enough it would be a feature film. That could still happen, but it seems more and more likely we will get another short now.

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 21st 2007

can anyone tell me any info about the new film apart from that its a short? do they still have the job of having a pest control buisness?

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 21st 2007

We don't know, so noone can tell you!

Agent Milkshake Posted: Aug 22nd 2007

hope wallace and gromit do edventually get another feture film well i just bought one of those cameras nick park had when he was small that he did stop motion animation with. its a pathescope 9.5 mm film camera i might make a wallace and gromit movie of my own as i have models of them i have already made. if u do want to see this wallace and gromit film keep checking my website for updates about it at and on the home page i will keep u updated any questions leave them in my website guest book:D

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

trouble at mill is new movie

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