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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 8th 2008

It’s update time again, and this time we have been allowed to take a sneak peak behind the scenes on production of “A Matter of Loaf and Death”.

Without giving too much away, these stills show some of the crew working hard on some key sets from the film.

Get your detective hats on and see what clues you can spot…..







dachappell Posted: Apr 8th 2008

Wow those street scenes look amazing.:O

dachappell Posted: Apr 8th 2008

Gr8 2 C some new pictures. for a matter of Loaf and death.

anti-pesto Posted: Apr 8th 2008

oh! thanks! thankyou so much Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jordan Posted: Apr 8th 2008

thanks katie thank you thank you !

shame there not bigger but! anyhoo !

jordan Posted: Apr 8th 2008

i spy the windmill behind gromit! , theres the austin van back too like in the design for the windmill ;) those shops must be Bakers Shop!

that scenic artist, has exact brushes as he did in behind the scnes of COTWR dvd and doing teh same kinda style backdrop

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 8th 2008

Hi jordan, I would have liked to post larger versions, but for now this is all we're allowed to give away. I'm sure nearer the release date we'll be able to post some bigger ones :)

jordan Posted: Apr 8th 2008

yup of course, i cant stop looking at them any news on the "Art of book" ;) thanks for replying katie

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Apr 8th 2008

many thanks ideed

Harry Posted: Apr 8th 2008

This is fantastic. The pictures are great! The sets are looking fantastic and Gromit looks in a great mood with everyone else for the cooking. Well done Aardman and many thanks Katie. I appriciate this lots!

gromitlove Posted: Apr 8th 2008

Wonderful! Thank you! Coffee mug in the middle of the road in first pic;)... I wish I could have one on my street.

squigly Posted: Apr 9th 2008

woohoo...those pics are great!!! This will be a popular thread. Thank you for sharing!!!:D|-)

cool chris Posted: Apr 9th 2008


purple and brown Posted: Apr 9th 2008

WOW(COOL) ps:what color is piella

dpoulton Posted: Apr 9th 2008

What sort of time frame are you looking at for completion of the new film?



jordan Posted: Apr 9th 2008

around near maybe oct/november i think

purple and brown Posted: Apr 9th 2008


jodyblue1 Posted: Apr 10th 2008

Thought it was September:)

jills Posted: Apr 10th 2008

Thanks for the pics! I would have missed the windmill completely..

conty Posted: Apr 13th 2008

hey jills, where have you been? missed you being around!!! thanks for the pics katie theyre great:)

jodyblue1 Posted: Apr 18th 2008

Up the top KATIE said get dective hats on and look for clues so we better start looking!

squigly Posted: Apr 19th 2008

in the top pic, the roadway slopes upward then down again, as if there was a CANAL TUNNEL below (as in the pic of steering a boat with Piella on it heading towards a CANAL TUNNEL).

also, in the third pic, you can see a break between the two sets of houses. wide enough for a CANAL perhaps? also can see the gap in the second pic the guy is painting.

this pic....

jordan Posted: Apr 19th 2008

your right!, theres aardman's thing about "hard to do water" out of window then

squigly Posted: Apr 19th 2008

hehe...i'm sure they'll find a creative way to film it so that you think it's a water scene!

jordan Posted: Apr 19th 2008

The Water be CGI most probs, the Canal Boats with a rig atatched underneath them, a runner "track" on the floor and a upright rig attatched to the canal boat, so that they can be animated frame by frame by the rig being slid along,the floor track by moving the rig will move the canalboat along.

Harry Posted: Apr 19th 2008

Squigly I think your right, also see in the 1st picture there is a peice of board going under the slope where the river would be!

jordan Posted: Apr 19th 2008

no there isnt thats the other side of the canal you can see the wood base on the other side of the "canal gap" cause it lines up and goes straight and touches the house on the left.

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 19th 2008

WAHOO!!! Thank you Katie! This is going to be great!:D

squigly Posted: Apr 20th 2008 i win a Fleeced game for that bit of detective work?8)

darn it! i guess not. grrrrr;)

cool chris Posted: Apr 21st 2008

and in 5th one down wallace is drinking inside the top bun car

squigly Posted: Apr 21st 2008

drinking? hmm does look like one of those blue and white striped W&G mugs. but look at his right hand's not holding the mug. looks more like the animator is giving a little sippy of something.;) a coffee break between shots, perhaps? hehe|-)

cool chris Posted: Apr 21st 2008

squgly was this what you thuoght of???????????

cool chris Posted: Apr 21st 2008

sory i had to put dylan on the brigie:D

squigly Posted: Apr 21st 2008're pretty handy with Paint aren't you! don't know if that sets guy would appreciate you snuffing him out like that! lol|-)

is that dylan on that bridge? did not recognize him.

cool chris Posted: Apr 21st 2008

he is a bit small

cool chris Posted: Apr 21st 2008

squigly Posted: Apr 21st 2008

cc, have you heard of a famous painter named Pablo Picasso? Some of your Paint drawings remind me of his work. ;)

cool chris Posted: Apr 21st 2008

i've herd of him pity he neve pianted w&g:D

squigly Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

wouldn't that be funny if Picasso painted W&G. Come to think of it, wasn't there a Picasso-like painting hanging in Tottington hall?

jordan Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

yes there was i took some pics of it at the exhibition

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 23rd 2008

You're great at the paint thing Cool Chris! ;)

squigly Posted: Apr 24th 2008

ooh, can you post the pic jordan? i was searching for it online after i posted the message to cc.|-)

Harry Posted: Apr 24th 2008

I have a funny one too from the Exibition!

There you go squigly!

squigly Posted: Apr 25th 2008

Thanks for posting the pic Harry. But I was thinking of the one that looks like a picasso painting - crooked eyes, kind of abstract. I think it was of Totty or a female relative of hers.

Oh, I just found it on pg 52 of The Art of Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were-Rabbit book. I thought that was one of the funnier pics hanging in tottington hall.:)

Harry Posted: Apr 25th 2008

Heres another picture I took there, Totty's set was fab and there was hardely any filming in it, you can see by that aardman put the best work they can up to all there stuff! On my picture look at the detail on the flowers!

squigly Posted: Apr 26th 2008

Harry did you post another pic or were you talking about the one that's three up?

Harry Posted: Apr 26th 2008

Ohh, I attached another to it but it didnt appear, anyway I will add it to this message and hope it works, have you ever had a go at making a model Squid!?

jordan Posted: Apr 26th 2008

that pic i think your looking for was in the other half of the set ;)

squigly Posted: Apr 28th 2008

Hi Harry. That is a funny pic too. Thanks for posting it! I haven't tried making any models, only because it would be so expensive to ship the materials to the US. If not for that, I think I would have a lot of fun with modelmaking. I like to create things. But right now I think I'll stick to drawing and painting.

You could be right Jordan. I also saw the pic I'm looking for on pg. 92. It's hanging to the left of the fire place in the Tottington Hall drawing room.:)

Mark the shark Posted: May 9th 2008

Love the pic Harry. ;)

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