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cool chris Posted: May 10th 2008

the vans green look care fully clue 2 soved

cool chris Posted: May 10th 2008

jodyblue1 Posted: May 10th 2008

It NOT green it just hasnt been painted

jordan Posted: May 10th 2008

no the vans white, thats wallaces tank top you can see wallace is having a drink.....

bronny8425 Posted: May 10th 2008

wooo i just love those pics i wish we had some more clues about the film!!!

talking about the film is this one of the finals??

cool chris Posted: May 10th 2008

it is

cool chris Posted: May 10th 2008

no that pic was black and white.anyway wallace had a drink in his car in cotwr.................

jordan Posted: May 10th 2008

you must need glasses....

cool chris Posted: May 10th 2008


VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 10th 2008

When are aardman hoping to release a matter of loaf or death.

jordan Posted: May 11th 2008

chistmas 2008

bronny8425 Posted: May 11th 2008

WHAT!!!!! ooo I cant wait tht long and if this is the final film...

jordan Posted: May 11th 2008

Wallace & Austin Van 2008

Harry Posted: May 11th 2008

I dont know, I think it would look good creamy, Jordan look at the roof though, thats greenish.

cool chris Posted: May 11th 2008

and full van 100% done

luke Posted: May 15th 2008

I am so glad they have kept things like their mugs and van form COTWR

bronny8425 Posted: May 17th 2008

its good to reuse the stuff the already have

Jimmny Crickets Posted: May 19th 2008

we want the grand day out mice wid sunglasses back

Mark the shark Posted: May 22nd 2008


brtstudio Posted: May 30th 2008

cool man:D

brtstudio Posted: May 30th 2008

cjayp33 Posted: Jun 3rd 2008

coll pictures thanks katie |-)

Harry Posted: Jun 3rd 2008

Anyone noticed the new thing. Film Production Blog Read Now, under the list of pages?

jordan Posted: Jun 3rd 2008

yeh about 12:00 i noticed

cool chris Posted: Jun 4th 2008

the anti pesto van was made of white stuff

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 10th 2008

Yeah. I think so too. ;)

Lord Vladder Posted: Jun 10th 2008

what a wonderrrrful job to play with such characters and creating wonderful worlds

saika Posted: Jun 15th 2008

When will it come out?
I mean .. I'm new here

kmm Posted: Jun 19th 2008

I can hardly wait to see this new film! How long will it be before it comes to the U.S., and on which TV channel(s) may I hope to see it?

kieran Posted: Jun 20th 2008

its coming out late this year probably around Christmas on bbc 1 channel.

cant wait for it to come out!!!

mangaroxanett Posted: Jun 27th 2008


i can't wait! (but i have to wonder who the girl in pink is... first wendolyn, then totty, and now her??? if you know could you please tell me?)

jordan Posted: Jun 27th 2008

er thats Piella Bakewell....

Harry Posted: Jun 29th 2008

Anyone watch Doctor Who last night?...

as there was a news reporter in a clip that sounded like Peter Sallis.

I was laughing my head off, Its like Wallace on Doctor Who!

I closed my eyes and it did sound like Wallace was talking about Daleks taking over the planet, hehe Daleks Exterminate West Wallaby Street! Noo, everyone get in Tottington Hall, in the basement!

mr joe kidd Posted: Jul 5th 2008

:prest:-(on3:hay will this sdvent:-(|)ure come0:) out on0:) dvd:wa8)llace4:

mr joe kidd Posted: Jul 5th 2008

soz will this new adventure come out on dvd

sidmjam Posted: Jul 7th 2008

Wow!!! nice pictures!
i would be afraid to sit on my sets like that :O
what are the bases of the set made out of?

jills Posted: Jul 18th 2008

Hello conty... I'm just responding to your April 'hi' now... I'm sheepish!

Bmonsterboy Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

woooooooooooow this is sooooooooooooo cool

Sammy the lamb Posted: Jul 24th 2008

Nice detective work there...

I live near a canal... and there's a bridge (with houses on one side, and countryside* on the other, where people like to walk their dogs).
*By countryside I mean lots of grass

materialmoose Posted: Aug 16th 2008

Katie, thank you sooo sooo much!!! You keep our dreams alive!

georgiegirlofrb Posted: Aug 19th 2008

Sigh... wouldn't it be marvellous to work with those guys on any Aardman production, especially a and one!!! If I lived in the UK, I'd be banging on their doors to beg them to let me help out!

Looks like it's going to be a brilliant story/movie, as per usual ;)

Hermes Posted: Aug 22nd 2008

Soooo coool i really can't wai

Neither can shaun

CurlyWirley Posted: Aug 22nd 2008

There are some very good scenes from the pictures shown and i am very confident that this film will be as good as the last

Mark the shark Posted: Aug 25th 2008

i so can't wait!!! :D

sianybaby Posted: Sep 1st 2008

Im so excited!!!! I cannot wait to see this!!! I've been a fan for 14 years.... ! I've grown up admiring them and i still love w&g!!! I hope there will be lots of merchandise after this comes out- ie- like a really cool up to date yearly calendar!!! And lots of figurines and fun things!!

W&G are the best!

jills Posted: Sep 8th 2008

How many pics from A Matter of Loaf and Death do we have in total now?

garnergirl2 Posted: Sep 10th 2008

Mark the shark Posted: Sep 14th 2008

I can't wait!!! :D

kuma_kuma Posted: Sep 21st 2008

All stuffs enthusiasm come through in these pictures.
i'm looking forward to seeing new movie.

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