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Audrey2 Posted: Oct 15th 2007

This is just a discussion where you can say the animation software that you use, and how good it is.
I have used PlayDohMation for 3-4years. It is rather good.
It has live filming, stop motion, editing, effects, music, sound effects, recording, rendering and playing all in one. And its USER FRIENDLY!!!!!!!

What do you guys use?

conty Posted: Oct 16th 2007

id love to hear about what software you all recommend as thats what i would like for christmas, i have vista so i am worried that it might not work, i am using the movie maker at the moment, just to have a go, i have asked different people on the creations what they have used to make their animation, but no one wants to tell you, is it a big secret?

Audrey2 Posted: Oct 20th 2007

No secrets here,
But if you do find play doh mation, i REALLY suggest you get it.

connor gorman Posted: Oct 26th 2007

IStopMotion Is A Great Software Great Quality Image With Lip Sync Init To Do Lip Sync

cavor Posted: Nov 1st 2007

Hi I use stopmotionpro 3.5 for capturing video frames on to my pc, you can down load a similar capture software for free called "monkeyjam 3.0", I have not use it myself but this will get you up and running if funds are short.
I also use Adobe Premiere 6 for editing which has a steep learning curve to it.

J-Snake Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

I use final cut pro its one of the top editing programs but its not just for stop motion its mainly for live action. its quite pricey though but its probably the best editing programs you can get.:O

jordan Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

in my animation process i use 3 different expensive software.

plasjas Posted: Nov 13th 2007

i use stopmotion pro version 9 it is really good and does work with vista it has some really good features like chromakey(green screen) and timelapse.|-)

aniboy Posted: May 26th 2008

Audrey2 were can i get playdomation

Matt08 Posted: Jun 23rd 2008

Originally I had been using windows movie maker to make my animations, but now i've moved on to adobe premiere elements as I do a bit of live action film bit and pieces as well.
The software is handy because it has a built in stop motion function which I am yet to figure out how on earth to use...

wish me luck! :-)

Audrey2 Posted: Jul 6th 2008

If you find PlayDohMation, consider yourself lucky...very very lucky!
I sometimes come across PlayDohMation randomly, and when I do I buy a couple, it is that cheap! Then I hide them in our present cupboard and I give them as presents!

The only site I have found that lists them is:

If anyone else finds ANY information on these please share, because nobody knows about these, and they are good, I am
wondering where the have gone!

Animator Posted: Aug 1st 2008

I use top Motion Pro v5 Standard Definition. It was quite expensive so i got it for my birthda and it does evrything i need really well:D

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