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W&GCrackers Posted: Aug 19th 2007

Me And James Have Been Wondering How Old Is Wallace?

James Posted: Aug 19th 2007

Yeah My gusee is 38 but im not sure

connor gorman Posted: Aug 20th 2007

i think he about coming to his 40 or 50s not sure could be somwhere in 30s

CheeseGromit Posted: Aug 20th 2007

I would say 45 but he must be a fit fellow to do all that work

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 20th 2007

We never hear for sure, but according to Gromit in 'Gromit's Diary' from the 'Dog Diaries' book he is pushing 55.

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 21st 2007

i would say in his 50s

patter Posted: Aug 26th 2007

I think 41? is that ok?

Agent Milkshake Posted: Aug 28th 2007

i dont know but he is middle aged hensforth the ''Middle age spread'' in curse of the were rabbit

GromitGirl Posted: Aug 31st 2007


nathan Posted: Aug 31st 2007

1000000000000000000000000000 years old

Jaybee Posted: Sep 4th 2007

Well is probably a grand father so about 60

Agent Milkshake Posted: Sep 6th 2007

no he does not have a family so he is only bout 40

Pig Posted: Sep 6th 2007

Harry Posted: Dec 1st 2007

I Say 57 Now

AnimationMad Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

Nick Park Said 10 in a behind the scenes Documentary:O

kldwallace Posted: Dec 28th 2007

he is 51 years old because if you go on imdb and type in wallace and you should see it

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 28th 2007


Mark the shark Posted: Jan 5th 2008


Prof Chip Posted: Jan 6th 2008

I'd say he's in his 40's or 50's

claymo Posted: Jan 8th 2008

probly id say 45

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 8th 2008


Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 11th 2012

I think he is 40 plus. In the first movie he looks like 20+ years old. But it's been 20 years of Wallace and Gromit. So add it up. Maybe he is that age. 

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 11th 2012

samuelhayward Posted: Aug 11th 2012

This is a serious bump, this thread was from 2007!

Nathan M Posted: Aug 11th 2012

I think in a interview Nick Park said that Wallace was around 50, but when reaching that age himself Nick Park thinks Wallace is a lot older - I think thats what was said

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 14th 2012

I think Wallace is as old as Nick park. I made this became the latest again by going to the old forums! 

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