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Qasim Posted: Apr 14th 2008

Make up a character

Harry Posted: Apr 30th 2008

Another woman proberly, called Dame Cuperte (Cuppa Tea) and she works in a small 'Cuppa Tea' snack bar handing out the tea and Wallace notices her when he and Gromit are in there doing there new job as 'Snack-Snap Delivery' and he is on his break after delivering Cuppa Teas snackbar's teabags and he gets a drink from her and looks up to see her skinny face.

She ends up being the wrong one again as she cant stand dogs!

arthur Posted: May 2nd 2008

how about mrs madches (mad cheese) she is a huge fan of cheese and wallace & gromits new neighbour she seems a sweet old lady who is willing to help until that is gromit loses his temper after wallace pays more attention to her rather than him!

she runs off and wallace is left lonely!

black Posted: May 4th 2008

timmy, a dog who is gromits brother, he is
like gromit from what he looks, but he's
all white.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 4th 2008

Star Gromit's girlfriend in all my other stories

fluffles the poodle Posted: Dec 29th 2008

fluffles shes great!

Wallace&Gromit&FeathersMcGraw Posted: Feb 13th 2009

A Platypus named Colin, with a step brother Logan, a Schnauzer. They come to Wallace and Gromit with the news that they need bread, a pest control service, and they're windows washed, and with the help of Fluffles, they get it all done.

rlg Posted: Feb 22nd 2009

I think there all good ides0:):D

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