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Sam Walsh Posted: Apr 25th 2008

For my final project at college im making a 5 minute animation, i need to buy a lot of plastercene and i normally use 'newplast'. Does nayone know of anything better before i go and buy it.

jordan Posted: Apr 25th 2008

Newplast buy newplast its the best

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Apr 25th 2008

yer newplast is the best better than the rest

Sam Walsh Posted: Apr 26th 2008

k thanks guys-ill buy that then

jodyblue1 Posted: Apr 29th 2008

I know at ANIMATED ADVENTURES the free plasticine you get with pack is fantastic so ither that of NEWPLAST


kieran Posted: Apr 29th 2008

i think its only £1.75 because i bought mine from dominoes toy shop.

Nofby Posted: Apr 30th 2008

Van Aken-best qualities.

Harry Posted: Apr 30th 2008

I think Lewis Newplast is the best plasticine around as it is easy to mould and really good colours, also Aardman use it so it must be great!

arthur Posted: May 3rd 2008

yep thats exactly what i thought harry i use lewis new plast and i don't regret it

anti-pesto Posted: May 5th 2008

aardman use newplast! so do most of the people on this website so yes use it its great

VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 18th 2008

I use Newplast. Its great!!

conty Posted: May 19th 2008

me too newplast!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

mr joe kidd Posted: Jul 8th 2008

newplast is so cool i get it for 50p a block through my dad:D

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Jul 9th 2008

i get it for |.75p

Chocachoc Posted: Jul 9th 2008

Wow, how?

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Jul 9th 2008

from a toy shop called dominoes

becky730 Posted: Aug 31st 2008

whats new plast?

kieran Posted: Sep 1st 2008

tip: when buying plasticine squeeze the packet, if you make a dent in the plasticine it is good for use but if it is rock hard you cant preform excellent work with it,or in other words you cant make any thing if it is hard.

xIzzyx Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

i dont use new plast. i get on fine. the brand i use is really good.

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