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jordan Posted: Apr 29th 2008

Sally has also just finished voicing the character of Piella Bakewell in a new 30-minute Wallace and Gromit film, due to be screened on BBC1 at Christmas.

A Matter Of Loaf And Death finds inventor Wallace `dough-eyed' in love with local beauty and bread enthusiast Piella. Lancashire-born four times Oscar winner Nick Park realised Sally was the perfect match for the role when he heard her talking on the radio.

"I'm so excited about it. We saw the very first bit of my voice coming out of Piella the other day, and it was just like massive. I can't believe it.

"At first I didn't know what Nick wanted - he's so precise. And I totally get it now. Having seen it, it's just perfect. I understand why he chose me now. There's something about her.

"They just ring me up when they need me and I turn up and we do maybe 15 lines in four hours. It's quite intense and takes so long. It's a different world from anything else I've experienced.

"Piella is very northern. She's like that old school actress from Manchester but puts a little bit of a posh accent on.

"It's just phenomenal to be involved in a Wallace and Gromit film."

From Manchester Evening News

Harry Posted: Apr 29th 2008

Great news, Before Katie... again.

Got me some ideas for drawings in there!

Topaz Posted: Apr 29th 2008

I think Sally Lindsay is a good voice match for the character good luck sally on the voice over.

Regards from Dr Rettun

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