A Matter of Loaf and Death

Another day dawns at West Wallaby Street and Wallace and Gromit are up with the birds, making bread for their latest enterprise – the ‘Top Bun’ bakery. With robotic kneading arms in place (another of Wallace’s madcap inventions) and a windmill on the roof, they’ve got a very professional set-up going. But there’s just one problem – the other local bakers in the town have been ‘disappearing’ one by one…could Wallace be the next one to go?

But with his sights set on winning the affections of former ‘Bake-O-Lite’ beauty Piella Bakewell, Wallace is oblivious to any danger and gets on with romancing Piella while Gromit turns canine sleuth in a bid to ensure Wallace doesn’t become the final member of the ‘Baker’s Dozen’..

Cast & Crew

Nick Park
Nick Park & Bob Barker
Peter Sallis, Sally Lindsay & Melissa Collier

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3 wins & 4 nominations, including

  • Oscar® Nominated

    Best Short Film, Animated

  • Bafta Winner

    Best Short Animation

  • Annie Winner

    Best Animated Short


  • The film premiered in Australia and was shown in the UK on BBC One on Christmas Day, 2008
  • Some of the sets for the film were amazingly complex – take a look at all the minute detail in the street scene where Piella pretends to run out of control
  • Gromit has his first love interest in this film in the shape of Piella’s adorable poodle, Fluffles
  • Did you spot that the cardboard box that Fluffles sleeps in has "Meatabix” written on the side? This is the same box Gromit uses to spy on Feathers McGraw in The Wrong Trousers!
  • The first transmission of A Matter of Loaf and Death was watched by an incredible 16.2m viewers making it one of the top ten most watched programmes of the decade!

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