From the Soccamatic to the 535 Crackervac, Wallace’s inventions are truly imaginative if not always the most efficient! Cracking Contraptions is a showcase of 10 short films about Wallace’s wonderfully eccentric ideas, which include everything you might need to make life easier.

Having problems getting to sleep? Then try the Snoozatron – it plumps your pillows, plays you soothing music and deposits a teddy into your arms. Or how about taking the strain out of mealtimes with the help of the Autochef, a robot that will cook your eggs just how you like them. Or perhaps you might like to try the Christmas Cardomatic, an ingenious way to create a very unique greetings card!


Drag me

The Cracking Contraptions episodes were the first Wallace and Gromit adventures to premiere online, launching on the BBC's site and AtomFilms in October 2002.

  • 2004
    New York International Children’s Film Festival
    Audience award