This 6-part series was broadcast on the BBC in 2010, taking fans into the wonderful world of science and invention.

Wallace & Gromit head up the show, calling on the help of actress Ashley Jensen (The Office, Ugly Betty) and TV presenter Jem Stansfield (Bang Goes the Theory) to explore the lives of illustrious inventors and mind-boggling contraptions and gadgets!

From high-flying jet packs to electric tricycles, the show explored a host a both useful and madcap inventions, as well as looking at the crazy ideas that never quite got off the drawing board (including a fridge designed by Albert Einstein) - some of which look a lot more silly than Wallace’s inventions!


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The series was first broadcast on BBC One in the UK in November 2010.

  • 2011
    BAFTA Television - New Media
    • 2011
      Promax Awards
      Gold Best Campaign