April's Creations Of The Month Winners!

We hope you enjoyed getting creative in our April Creations of the Month competition! It's now time to announce our winners so if you submitted an entry this time, it could be goes!

Our winner this time is:

Yaka2209 for 'Hold Still for the Picture, Will You!' - a very sweet plasticine model of Wallace and Gromit posing for a photo. We loved the little details - Gromit just wants to get on with his knitting and there's even a plate of tempting cheese next to Wallace!

And our runners up are:

Sharpshot17 for 'Wallace's April Fool's Day Prank' - we thought this was a great tie-in with April 1st, and we can totally imagine Wallace coming up an over-complicated invention to play a trick on Gromit!

Gromit02 for 'Gromit and the Bungun' - a beautiful sketch of Gromit holding a classic Wallace and Gromit invention

JohnPaul16 for 'A Grand Day Out' - a very sweet picture of the duo by 8-year-old John.

Well done to everyone who took part! If you weren't a winner this time, don't worry! Our new competition is now live and we have a very special prize to offer this time - a Ziggy Thistle stencil artwork and a Gromit bean toy!