Harvey Nichols Puts Wallace And Gromit In The Right Trousers

They’ve traveled to the moon, foiled a dastardly penguin in a diamond heist, solved a sheep rustling caper, relieved an English village from a plague of rabbits and attended the Oscars four times. But up until now, unlike most other international film stars, they had never shopped at Harvey Nichols. All is about to change for our much loved heroes.

Harvey Nichols has revamped the wardrobe of Britain’s favorite inventor and sidekick, Wallace has forgone his beloved green tank top for a Dolce & Gabbana fitted shirt and an Alexander McQueen cashmere jacket, the transformation is spectacular, so much so that Harvey Nichols will adopt Wallace, Gromit and Lady Tottington to spearhead their prestigious campaign for the opening of the new Bristol store. Gromit certainly needs those Raybans!

Nick Park Creator and Director of Wallace and Gromit “I'm really impressed, it's great to see Wallace looking so chic and stylish. Wallace isn’t exactly known for his street-wise fashion sense he usually shops at Tank-Top Man. He’s really chuffed with his new look, I think he wants to keep the clothes – he can’t stop looking in the mirror.”

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