Play Shaun's Llama League Game!

Here's a fantastic pre-Christmas treat for you to enjoy - Shaun the Sheep has a new game and it's free to play on phone, tablet or desktop! 

Llama League features the new characters at Mossy Bottom Farm and challenges you to play as either Hector, Fernando and Raul for a football match like no other - llamas make interesting football players! You can download the game on your phone or tablet, or play the game on your desktop. It's free to download on iTunes and Google play.

So, what's the game all about? It's essentially a football challenge - but with a few differences! As well as playing as a llama, you can shoot a few penalties in some very unusual environments - on the moon, a basketball court and a slippery ice-covered lake, to name just a few of the fun places you can enjoy your game of footy. 

You can also challenge yourself to a 1-player shoot out or compete with friends in the 2-player mode. As you progress through the game you can unlock new balls and outfits for even zanier gameplay. You could, for example, play football with tennis ball, beach ball or even an 'invisiball'!

So, if you're expecting a new phone for Christmas or are looking for some new games to try out, why not see if you've got the footwork to shoot and score in this hilarious new challenge. Find out more by visiting You can also play lots of other Shaun and Wallace & Gromit games on our games page.