Roll Up! Roll Up! 'fix Up The City' Is Coming To Town!

Exciting news for fans in the UK & US - Shaun’s pals Wallace & Gromit need your help to Fix Up The City! 

Fix Up The City is an AR experience on your smartphone where business tycoon Bernard Grubb has commissioned our famous duo to spruce up the city in time for his festival. There’s absolutely heaps to do and all manner of contraptions to discover.

So, roll up your sleeves, switch on your smartphone and get fixing with Wallace & Gromit’s augmented adventure, playing out in the fair cities of Cardiff, Bristol & San Francisco.

Getting started

First, you can download the app and you may want to read more about the experience before getting started. 

Next, head to the cities of Cardiff, Bristol or San Francisco and start your adventure in the following starting places: 

  • Cardiff: Roald Dahl Plass
  • Bristol: Millennium Square
  • San Francisco: Yerba Buena Gardens

The experience will then guide you on an adventure with Wallace & Gromit. Just follow the instructions via the app! 


Where is the app currently available? 

The app is available to play in either Cardiff, Bristol or San Francisco. Please note that the US version is a showcase of the core elements of the experience, whereas the experience in the UK is enhanced.


How long will it take me to complete the experience?

Fix Up the City will take approximately 1 hour to complete in the UK. In the US the experience will take under 30mins.


Help! I have a problem. Where can I ask a question? 

Our friends at Fix Up The City have a handy FAQ page where lots of questions are answered and you can get in touch with them. 

You can also follow them on social media and reach out to them there: 




Please note that the Fix Up The City app is a powerful app so we recommend fully charging your smartphone before playing and if you can, bring a spare battery pack with you! 

We hope you enjoy playing and remember to share your photos and videos with us on our Instagram and Facebook