Published 21st November 2023

New Trailers for The Grand Getaway & Jamtastic Land!

We’re thrilled to share the full trailer for Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway! After giving you a sneak peek earlier this year, here’s your chance to see more of Wallace and Gromit’s first foray into the world of Virtual Reality.

Not only does the experience take your favourite characters on an adventure in VR, but the game also includes a Mixed Reality element, too! 

'Jamtastic' offers you the chance to be the star of the show. With Wallace away on his Grand Getaway, he needs you to put his new ‘jam-to-toast delivery system’ through its paces, in an experience that is part shooting gallery and part joyful mess maker!

As Wallace beams into your home live from his Grand Getaway, you'll be guided through 30 unique levels of  fun. The more you test, the more you unlock,  taking delivery of new, wonderfully chaotic challenges that test your jam-firing timing, accuracy and speed!

This exciting project is poised to break new ground in immersive entertainment so don't miss the chance to experience your favourite characters as never before! 

You can wishlist the game in the Meta Quest store here.